Neverfull or Mini lin Speedy

  1. I'm so torn as to which bag to get. I've decided to treat myself and buy a graduation present.

    I have been dying for the mini lin speedy in ebene for months. Then again I really like how the neverful can be reversed. The negatives in my mind I already have a mono 25 speedy. The neverfull does not have a zip closure.

    Does any one have pics comparing a 25 speedy to a neverful.

    Also I"m not quite 5 feet and i'm not exactly skinny minny tiny. WHich size would you recommend? I was thinking of the MM. As I plan on ordering off of elux tonite
  2. I would recommend Neverfull MM because you can use it as a purse/tote bag. It's comparable to the Batignolles Horizontal or the Hampstead MM.

    However, I wouldn't recommend reversing the Neverfull (even though it looks cute) because I think that it would get dirty very easily plus you have to set down the Neverfull, so the bottom could easily pick up dirt if it's in the reverse mode.

    I believe that the Mini Lin Speedy is only made in the 30 size. It is a beautiful bag! I was debating on this issue myself recently along with a Mini Lin Noe.

    I say go for the Neverfull MM. It has a lot of uses and is a bit cheaper as well (you can put the money that you save towards something else!) Good luck!

    Mini Lin Speedy = $675 USD
    Neverfull MM = $620 USD
  3. your right that the mini lin speedy is a 30 ahh decisions decisions

    either way I'm probably getting an accessory as well
  4. I went shopping this past weekend planning to buy either the Neverfull MM or Speedy 30 (mono or Mini Lin ebene).
    After seeing the Neverfull in person it just didn't quite speak to me. I think it's those handles. It was described by my SA to me as more of a beach/tote bag then a purse. I'm not making fun of it or those who love the bag .. just didn't "speak" to me.
    I wound up buying the Mini Lin Speedy 30 in ebene and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So versatile and worry free. Doesn't scream I'M A LOUIS but is still a classic. I'm ordering a purseket today so it will be "more full" (it doesn't really seem to sag too much with my stuff in it). Just my .02 worth :roflmfao:
  5. I think you should get the Mini-lin if you've already got something in monogram.
  6. i dun like the neverfull myself.. so i vote for mini-lin :yahoo:
  7. I'd get the Neverfull :yes:
  8. Neverfull pm is the size of a speedy 30.

    So it all depends if you want an other monogram bag or not, if you're tiny you might be able to fit the neverfull over your shoulder with light clothing.
    If the zipper is an issue go with the mini lin.
    there are less worries with the mini lin since there is no naked leather :smile:otherwise they will hold the same :smile:

  9. I think the Neverfull would be a great piece. But either will be beautiful!
  10. It depends on what kind of bag you prefer... the Neverfull is very casual, whereas the Mini Lin is more sophisticated. Where will you be using the bag? Personally I LOVE the Mini Lin Speedy - it's very beautiful in person and the colour shows a lot of depth. It's black or brown depending on the lighting so it's quite versatile. It also looks smaller than the average Speedy 30, probably because it's so dark.

  11. Cool!! Can't wait to see what you get!!! What accessory do you want? The new Trunks & Bags mini pochette? It's so cute!

  12. I think the Mini Lin Speedy in ebene is very pretty but I just resisted buying a cloth bag vs. the canvas bag. Plus, my SA always talks me out of the Mini Lin bags! (I don't think she likes Mini Lin!) But maybe one day I'll buy the ebene Mini Lin bag in a Speedy or Noe version....
  13. Hope this helps..
    click to enlarge [​IMG]
  14. bag fetish .. that is a neat side by side comparison!!
  15. Awesome site thanks...but it doesn't make this decision any easier.

    And my husband isn't helping the decision process. He thinks I should go for the neverfull because in his mind 'all speedys look the same'