Neverfull or Ièna?

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  1. Help please. I am wanting to buy a tote and can’t decide between the Neverfull MM or the Ièna MM in Damier. I love that the Ièna has a zip closure but the Neverfull is a classic. Also from a value point of view I like that you also get the small pouch with the Neverfull. Would love to know your thoughts!

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  2. Are you going to use the tote more of daily wear (work, school, life) or travel? I have to say, as much as the Neverfull is a classic (and I'm the owner of one, I use it primarily for travel), I would go with the Ièna. The top zipper and outside zipper compartments would seal the deal for me - the lack of zippered top is my biggest gripe with the Neverfull. One caveat, the interior of the Ièna is similar to the Totally so you just have to be OK with not having a zipped compartment inside of the bag and having open pockets instead, versus the large zipped pocket in the Neverfull (honestly, if the Ièna had been around when I bought my Totally MM, I probably would have bought the Ièna instead!).

    Edited to add: FYI, the size specs of a NF GM are closer to the specs of the Iena MM; the NF MM is about 4 inches shorter in length - just keep that in mind as well!
  3. Vote for Neverfull. It can fit more stuff and can be used as tote, baby bag, travel bag, maybe a work bag depending on your style and job (for me it wouldn't work because it has no zip closure), shopping bag..
  4. For a tote that’ll get lots of wear I wouldn’t choose the Iena due to the sharp corners and the potential to show wear prematurely.
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  5. I had this same dilemma a few years back. I vote for the NF. It's a classic, it will hold it's value (regardless if that's a concern for you, it's good to know), it holds SO MUCH, and you get the pouch. Personally I use a Samorga organizer most of the time with my NF's but you can also get organizers with a zipper to better secure your items while still having room to toss a scarf, umbrella, hat, etc on top as needed. JMTC.

    Good luck deciding and post pics of whichever you choose!
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  6. I personally like the Iena better. It’s more secure with a zippered closure and the straps are WAY more comfortable than the Neverfull. The only con for me is that it does not retain its shape over time as well as the Neverfull does, so if you will be using this as an everyday bag, the Neverfull might be a better choice. It’s also a little more expensive if cost is a factor for you. They are both great bags, so I’m sure you’ll love whichever you choose.
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  7. I personally would go for the Ièna because I run around in crowded areas a lot. Every time if I wear a shopper I'm afraid of either pickpockets or my belongings that could spill over.
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  8. Brunette Press recently did a video about this -
  9. I vote NF!! It is a classic - I had both the Totally and the NF and ended up selling the Totally as I liked the versatility of the NF more. I do have an organizer inside with a zip - so that makes it a little more secure for me.
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  10. Thanks everyone for your help! Can definitely see the pros and cons for both bags. At this stage I’m not planning on using the tote for everyday use, but I could see it happening eventually as I am a tote girl! (I would use it for work and travel mostly).
    There is a third bag that I’m considering, the Ophidia GG tote. I really love the look of this and the leather trim. I live in New Zealand and don’t see much Gucci around so also feel it’s a little more unique. Any thoughts?

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  11. Not into the Iena, aesthetically. Prefer the NF.
  12. I like the Ophidia GG tote! I'd need to see each in person to choose as well as compare sizes, price, and comfort of wear. I haven't tried the Ophidia in person and comfort of carry is a big factor.
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  13. I like the zipper option ! I just bought a neverfull and it’s a great tote bag light and open .. if the open part is going to be a problem then go with the zipper !
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  14. Probably neverfull. Iena is an amazing bag but those sharp corners might be your source of worry.
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    First sorry for my english, I use a translator,
    please don't be surprised if something sounds strange.
    I have the Neverfull GM, MM and the Ophidia GG Shopper. I love the Gucci more than the Neverfull GM. The straps are more comfortable and I like the shape with this size, it's tidier.
    I don't use my Neverfull GM often, the second is that you just see it too often. My Neverfull MM is from the summer collection last year and I love it. The GM is too wide for me above, so I like to bump into turns. I have neither the MM nor the Gucci.
    The Gucci Shopper has a larger capacity than the Neverfull MM.
    In terms of size, the Gucci is more comparable to the GM. I made some pictures for you of all 3 bags together, the one with the red interior is the Neverfull GM, in the middle the Gucci and the smaller bag is the Neverfull MM.
    20200401_071547.jpg 20200401_071346.jpg 20200401_071445.jpg
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