Neverfull or Galliera?

Which shoulder bag?

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  • Neverfull

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Feb 4, 2006
United States
I am still debating about the Galliera. I have put my things in the Galliera and tried it on, and with a t-shirt it's okay, but with a sweater it slips off my shoulder. Not a huge deal...all my bags do this, but I saw a Neverfull the other day when I was out to lunch with DH and it was pretty cute (and smaller than I expected IRL!). So...what should I go with as my shoulder bag? Galliera (PM) or Neverfull? And why?


DoLcE ViTa
Sep 21, 2007
sunny place....
I have neverfull mm and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that bag BUT between neverfull and galliera...... my vote is for the galliera.... good luck.


Aug 13, 2007
I don't have the Galliera yet (holding out for Damier, hopefully) ... but I have the Neverfull GM and MOCA Neverfull MM and the thin shoulder straps hurt my hands and shoulder after a short while ... so I vote Galliera!


Live &™€ Love & Laugh
Aug 6, 2006
L.A. and Las Vegas
GALLIERA!!!!!! It is the PERFECT bag! :jammin:

Here's why:

The funny thing is that I don't even feel like this bag (PM) is big anymore! Once I put my stuff in it, it just slouched down and looks like a normal-sized (but oh-so-fabulous) hobo to me. The outer edges also curve so beautifully inward so that it isn't so wide. I think my Saleya MM is actually bigger (as far as putting things in it). And my Botkier Sasha Duffel dwarfs the Galliera!

And one more thing - I'm actually glad there's no zipper on this! My hobo-type bags with zippers all scratched the heck out of my hands when I tried to take stuff out and the way the top of the Galliera just flops over makes it easy to find stuff but also keeps things secure. I always had a hard time opening and closing the zippers on those other hobos!

Oh and those feet! The bag can actually stand on its own! Other hobos are hopeless in that aspect...

This has got to be THE perfect bag! I'm in love!

Oh, and those gorgeous rings are amazing! I attach my cles to one of the rings on the inside of the bag and it adds a whole new little "pocket" to the bag!!!

LV Vixen

Apr 2, 2008
Queens, NY
I would go with the galliera pm, and i'm not just saying that because i have one! The neverfull is nice i just see it as a summer bag...and the how open the top is bothers me...the galliera has a magnetic closure and fits securely under the arm....and i think its sooo elegent too :love:


Feb 4, 2006
United States
Thanks! I read (here) that the Neverfull is coming out in azur sometime this fall or next year, so I think I will keep the Galliera and save up for the azur Neverfull next year. :drool:


LV & BBag obsessed
Aug 27, 2007
Neverfull is cheaper, so I think if you're not in love with the Galliera, you should get the Neverfull. It's a very useful bag.