Neverfull or Duomo Hobo

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  1. Hi there, I'm having a hard time deciding between a neverfull mm in damier ebene and the duomo hobo. I already have the neverfull gm in mono and the delightful in mono, but the neverfull is a bit too big as an everyday bag for me. I'll be using this primarily for work. Neverfull would be ideal but it seems as though there are already so many out there and duomo is a little different. Does it matter? Your thoughts? Thanks for your 2 cents! :smile:
  2. What do you need to carry for work? If you have a laptop, folders, etc. the NF would be better than a hobo. It's easier to stand your stuff up and be able to see everything in the NF. If you're just carrying everyday purse items, then either bag would work. If you're really planning on loading the bag up, the DE NF straps are stiff and can be uncomfortable when it gets heavy. The Duomo strap would be more comfortable in that case. But I carry my DE NF all the time and it's comfy - I just carry very little.
  3. Have you thought about the Siena or turenne for work? I was going to use my neverfull, but then I went in and fell in love with the Siena for work. It's great because it crossbody, structured, and can be held top handle as well. More classy than the speedy and less common. Can easily go from day to night.
  4. Have you seen them in person? The duomo is pretty large too. I'd get a neverfull PM over the duomo. I practically fell in love with duomo online and seeing modeling pictures on people, but when I went to try it is was too big and I hated the zipper and opening. The handle is too short so the top can't be extended all the way to open easily and it was hard to get into to me. What about caissa tote?
  5. I went in to my LV yesterday to check out some bags I saw online, not even sure I'd leave with a new bag. After my SA encouraged me to try on the Duomo Hobo I immediately fell in love. Wasn't expecting to love it so much. Love the hobo style, love the two zippers that meet in the middle. Probably not for everyone, but the shoulder strap was just the right length for what I was looking for. Go try it on if you can! You might be surprised like I was. Today, it's riding shotgun, lol! Have fun shopping! 1 LV.jpg
  6. Thank you for responding. I plan on carrying my everyday essentials and a few folders, no laptop. Great point about the stiff DE NF straps and a quick reach with the NF.
  7. No, I haven't considered those as another option. I'll definitely check those out this weekend. Thank you for the suggestions. :smile:
  8. I was at LV yesterday, just browsing. I had been looking at that Duomo online and was so sure that was the bag i wanted. I tried it on, and maybe it was just the bag they had at my store, but it didn't sit right on me. I think its a gorgeous bag and was so disappointed. Considering going to another LV close to me to see if I have the same issue. The zippers wouldn't sit right, the bag just looked off to me. So disappointing! I ended up falling in love with the DA Neverfull MM w/ Rose interior. Most likely going and getting her tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation on the caissa tote. I've only seen photos but never asked to see it in person (I'll add that to my list of totes to check out this weekend). I've also read a couple of posts and saw a few review videos about the zipper and opening. I like the idea of having a zipper, but if it's going to be a pain then I'll need to reconsider.
  10. Congrats on your new Duomo, it's absolutely gorgeous (reason I've been eyeing it), but yes you're right. I'll need to go in and check it out, and do a side by side comparison with some of the other suggestions. Thanks for the photo and congrats! Love your new Duomo!
  11. Oooh, thanks for sharing. From the threads I've been reading, I heard that it sits better on the shoulder (less slipping) than the delightful due to the leather. Hmm, I know that it's supposed to be a slouchy bag, but yeah, if it's not sitting right, then that's a problem. I'll go in and see if I experience the same thing. Another thing I want to look at is the handle - read that some of them had slight ripples. Good luck on your next purchase (whether it be the duomo or DA NF). :smile:
  12. Your bag is beautiful! I ordered one and I am wondering do the zippers bother you at all,? Also how is it to just leave it open so that you can grab items out if your in a hurry. Some of my bags with zippers like the Totally I sometimes just leave open but I am glad I have zippers when I need them. This bag looks so well made.
  13. I've used the bag with the zippers closed and opened. I prefer them zipped, but if I'm just running a couple errands where I have to get in and out of the purse, I leave them open. I love having the option! Enjoy your bag!! Post some pics!
  14. Beautiful! How does it last? Any issues yet?