Neverfull or delightful

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  1. Ok I gave a speedy in mono so now I'm looking for a shoulder bag and I'm looking at a delightful or a damier ebene neverfull do which one do u all think I should buy??
  2. Damier neverfull! I had a delightful and sold it, but I use my damier neverfull all the time. It's a great carefree bag!
  3. Oh, that's a tough decision- they're both awesome bags. Since you have a mono Speedy I'd get the NF ---but I love it in Azur!!
  4. neverfull. i have seen quite a few delightful in my town. personally not attracted to the shape. prefer the NF :biggrin: looks like a good bag for documents and laptop ~~

    another vote for the damier neverfull. tried one and i love the GM.
  5. NF hands down, though I much prefer it in mono.
  6. The neverfull. I have both the ebene and azur, it's an amazing everyday bag. I use it for work and for grad school. Oh and it's a great travel bag too!!! Definitely get bang for your buck! :heart::biggrin:
  7. I own both a Neverfull and a Delightful, and they're great bags and hold quite a bit. But having carried both I have to say that the Delightful is a lot more comfortable to wear. It all comes down to personal preference, but there's my two cents. :smile:
  8. Neverfull :smile:
  9. Neverfull :tup:
  10. I have both bags, but I must say, I really LOVE my Damier Ebene Neverful. I get lots of compliments, too.
  11. Neverfull!! I have a Mono MM and Damier Ebene GM
  12. Neverfull! When you cinch the two sides, it could look similar to the delightful anyways.
  13. I like the NF more
  14. ^ITA Me too, I like my delightful better.
  15. Delightful