Neverfull or Artsy?

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  1. Looking for a practical bag for work and play that can also hold my toddler's stuff when I am out and about with her. I had a NF mm that I LOVED...not sure why I sold it lol. But the Artsy mm is really striking and beautiful and looks to hold a ton. Suggestions? :smile:
  2. I personally love the Artsy MM more than the Neverfull because of the thick handle! :smile:
  3. Good question! BacardiGirl I'm thinking the same and can't make a decision... :rolleyes: But I'm agree with Roshelle I love the Artsy thick handle and the patina it will have! :love:
  4. Artsy! It's more special if you don't mind paying more.
  5. Definitely Artsy ! I just bought a Neverfull and I'm not loving it at all .. My delightful is so much more confortable ! I don't know what all the hype is about .. I loved the DE / rose but I have been using this bag for over a month and it's just not for me .. Love the pochette but that's about all !
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  6. I'm going to go against the grain here. I got the artsy when it first came out and have used it a total of 10 times! I find that it's heavy without anything in it. While it's gorgeous, it's not very practical, especially with kids. It's made to be a hand carry bag so throwing it over the shoulder is not recommended.
    My NF are everyday bags with my kids- i can carry the kitchen sink in them. I would say get the artsy for yourself and a NF to tote your kids' things around.
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  7. Artsy! :biggrin: ~ I've had it twice, thinking of indulging again. ~ XOXO
  8. I love the artsy!
  9. Neverfull. It's a go to bag. It's lightweight compared to artsy and more comfortable on the shoulder
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  10. Well the Artsy is a gorgeous....but I'd go Neverfull...definitely much lighter in weight and you can toss it over your shoulder and go. NF is just more carefree to my mind. I especially love it In issues with marks or stains on the vachetta!
  11. you have decide:biggrin:
  12. image.jpeg Hi I'm jusing my arty's more then my neverfull's I'm voting on the artsy :biggrin:
  13. Artsy. it gorgeous when hand carry on the elbow. It definitely a nice shoulder bag, when you let the handle break in.
  14. I bought my bag last month and the handles are quite comfortable already :smile: I have jused the DA bag the most, and the Handel is comfy now:smile:
  15. I agree, Neverfull was not for me in the end had to sell it. I too was looking for a practical bag and when I saw the Duomo I knew the Neverfull would have to go. So in this case I would vote the Artsy, with that said if they would redesign the neverfull I would look at it again. The Artsy is a beautiful bag.