Neverfull or alma??

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  1. So, I was at the boutique today looking at all of the runway bags (they had a trunk show!) and I couldn't stop admiring the Alma in Rose Florentin (the huge one!). Do you think I should just ask my mom for the Neverfull which I was going to use for school or for part of the money for the Alma for my birthday? TIA!
  2. if under budget get NF .... if u have some extras for sure get the alma! we have the same dilemma.... I've got the NF GM in azur
  3. In my opinion: The 1st rank is the school so you should get NF for your school first. It must be worth because you use it almost everyday. :smartass:
  4. True... but at the same time I only have classes 2 days a week and I'm worried the strap would dig into my shoulder. Plus, I don't really take my books to class so I figured that I could probably just leave them in my car unless I need them (at the library or wherever). Hmm tough decision!!
  5. neverfull, its really functional, school, work, shop... hope it helps =)
  6. i cant say NF, i have read so many threads about quality issues if you need a bag for school get one of those Longchamp totes they are great for that sorta thing and i love mine, then because the Longchamp is so cheap you can get your alma which is beautiful. just my 2 cents
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    I think the neverful is the most poorly made bags ever manufactured by LV and I've been buying LV for over 25 years. I don't feel it's worth the money in any way. I love LV, but this is honestly one bag I steer clear of. I think they are laughing all the way to the bank on this one. One thing LV has always been known for over the years is it's gorgeous leather trim. The neverful, especially in ebene, is thin, uncomfortable, and prone to cracking, and peeling. The leather is too thin to withstand sometimes even normal use. You're bending an extremely thin, little piece of leather in a curve. I agree the thought is good and they are cute, but for that kind of money, you could have a really beautiful LV with gorgeous vachetta trim that will last many years and get lots of compliments and admiring glances. Neverfuls are also very common and not very exciting. You'll get lots of responses on here though from people who love them, but as a mom with three daughters in college, I recommend a longchamp for classes and a gorgeous, pretty LV. To me, part of the joy of LV is luxury. When I go practical in LV, I still look for luxury, pretty hardware, gorgeous vachetta. I picked the BH for my practical bag, because it still has what I really want in an LV, expensive looking luxury. Isn't that kind of what it's all about? Something beautiful that will last for years? Neverful doesn't fit that for me. I love almas. They are beautifully made. It's a classic, iconic bag. Anyway, even if I want comfortable and classic, I stll want luxury, beauty, and gorgeous leather.
  8. :thinking:

  9. you always have the best posts charleston-mom, and ITA will everything you said here
  10. Get the Alma!
  11. Thanks for all the input!! I just keep :drool: over the Alma!!
  12. I vote for the alma
  13. I'd go for the Neverfull. The Alma is a beautiful bag, but not practical for me. If you find that you would get enough use out of it, then go for the Alma. You seem to really love this bag! :smile: Good luck deciding!
  14. Charleston mom: I agree with you 100%
  15. I say get whatever bag you want the most. Otherwise your going to buy the one, and be still dreaming of the other. I personally love the NF. I have a mono one, and I have never had any issues with it. The leather has worn really well for me. I know there are alot of opinions on this bag out there. Some have not had good experiences, while others it's their fav/most used bag. Bottom line, get what you love, and you won't have regrets! The Alma is a classic, and beautiful too!