Neverfull Monogram or Damier?

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  1. Hi! I'm going to Paris in two weeks and am excited to purchase another LV bag. I'm deciding between the Neverfull Monogram and the Neverfull Damier. I really want the Monogram but I'm afraid that the patina will get easily dirty. I wasn't able to take care of the patina of my Speedy 25 because the more I used baby wipes, the more it blackened. :sad:

    Any inputs on this? Monogram or Damier? And if I decide to get the Monogram, can you give me suggestions on how to care for the patina?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would really recommend NF Damier. I got the Mono and I really hate how the patina has turned out. I'm planning on selling my Mono and getting a Damier GM.
  3. When I see the Damier NF, I tot she looks really gorgeous. But when I tried her on at the boutique, she doesn't stand out as much as the Mono NF. I am so sad with this cos I love the Damier prints more than the Mono. So my advise is, try it on and see which print you can carry off better......

    Enjoy ur trip to Paris....:smile:
  4. DAMIER FOR SURE!!!!!!l
  5. Thanks for your input AngelBABY84. Would you know how to ideally clean the patina? I read before that baby wipes work miracles but mine just got worse.
  6. damier is gorgeous, no vvn, and is understated beauty
  7. Both :graucho:
  8. i have the damier gm and i love it. i think the mono is gorgeous too but didn't get it because i have the same fears about the patina.
  9. Mono. I have the Mono neverfull gm and the patina thats forming is gorgous.
  10. I really like the monogram print.
    Maybe you over-babied your vachetta? I usually just wipe my vachetta down with a soft cloth when I put the bag away. I will use a babywipe if I notice a mark.
  11. NF in damier is gorgeous, NF in mono is ok. But that's just MHO.
  12. Go with the Damier ;)
  13. Mono! Just spray it with a protectant like Wilsons leather or Apple Guard and it should patina fine.
  14. Damier. Classy, low maintenance and less of a common sight.
  15. I have the Mono NF PM but now that I've seen the Damier, I think it looks much classier. I personally don't care at all about patina and I just wear my bags, I don't do anything about the vachetta and I don't see this as a problem.