Neverfull Monogram Line up?

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  1. My husband got me a NEverfull! I'm more than excited to receive something so nice. I was inspecting it, like I do with everything I get as a gift, LOL...and I noticed that the seams on the sides don't have lined up monograms on one side is up more than the other...please tell me this is normal..if it's not, it's going to bother me. Would it be so wrong to exchange if it's a default???
  2. Could you post the pics of that "flaw" you mentioned?
  3. I would like to see pics too but if it's a problem for you exchange it.
  4. The first pic is what looks normal to me, the second pic is the side that looks weird and unaligned. I love the bag and am grateful for the gift...but if it is not aligned properly, that is something that will bother me. Is this normal for the neverfull to be like this? It's an MM. I just want to know so I can exchange before I use it!


  5. I would definetly take it back and exchange!
  6. This is actually quite common... there have been quite a few people on the forum that also have this problem.

    Enjoy your new bag! ;)
  7. Yes, I had the same issue with my Mono Neverfull MM. But when I later went back to the store to look at other Neverfulls, they are all similar in that one seam is perfectly aligned and the other seam is slightly off. It's just the way the bag is made. I later bought the MOCA Neverfull MM and it also has one seam that is misaligned.

    I don't think you are going to find a Neverfull that is perfect on both seams although a few tPFers have.... I think most of the Neverfulls are misaligned on one seam and that it just the way the bag is made by LV.

    Since your bag is brand new, go ahead an go back to LV within the 14 day return window.... check for yourself, but I don't think you'll find a "perfect" Neverfull. Just enjoy your bag!! No one will notice.... it's a great bag!!! And congrats!!!
  8. Your Neverfull looks like mine on that one side seam. If it bothers you and you're near a store then you could certainly see if you could find one with better seaming. I'm 5 hours from the nearest store (ordered from E-Luxury) and once I found out it was a common occurance and realized that I would just have to live with it, well, I've given it almost no thought since. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your new bag.
  9. Mine looks just like yours. I looked at a couple in the store and they were all like that, so I think it's totally normal.
  10. Mine is the same also. My friend has one and hers is also the same way. I knew about this before buying, and I had the sa bring out other ones and they were all the same. This is common with the neverfull, so enjoy the bag!