Neverfull Mono vs. DE

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  1. I know there are probably other posts on this, but I need new, fresh perspectives. For anyone that has read my other posts, I'm working SO, SO hard to save up money for this bag and I'm being ridiculously neurotic about my choices.

    I've truly decided the GM is the size for me, so that's settled.

    But now I'm just not sure about the canvas.

    1. Looks chic IMO
    2. Love the pattern itself - i.e. something a little different?

    1. More versatile, perhaps?
    2. Can it look too "typical" though?
    3. Better for all seasons, DE looks more fall/winter to me

    Any other pros and cons? I know about the glaze/strap issue on the DE, but that wouldn't deter me from getting it if I really loved it, I would just deal with the issue if it came to that.

  2. When I saw and tried on both in the boutique for the first time this year, I was instantly drawn to the DE. The mono canvas is flimsier and I prefer a more structured tote. Since the plan was to only buy one bag that day, I chose the DE GM. Seven months later, I am now thinking about the mono print but if I don't buy it (for practical reasons more than anything) I will always be happy with the DE.

    For what it's worth, I live in AZ where the sun always shines and I don't think about the Ebene pattern being more Fall/Winter; it's what I like, so I wear it!
  3. DE definitely. I wear mine year round in CA. Love the bag in this print and a total workhorse. Its chic and the red lining is gorgeous.
    One thing I like about it too is not a lot of people automatically know its LV. Its not too flashy for the school crowd when I drop off my child. I get less judgmental looks as oppose to when I cary my Mono pieces.
  4. I loooove my Neverfull in DE, but I had to take it to the boutique after only having the bag for 6 months because it started cracking...ALL of the handles & I don't even use it much. I was hoping this wouldn't happen to me & it finally did. I was so upset. But I do love this bag! I use it for shopping, picnic, school, work, etc. It's a handy nice LV tote. I love the DE print more than mono. It looks more modern, chic, not necessarily the classic mono. Plus you don't have to worry about how & when you carry your rain, lotion/wet hands. I want this bag in all 3 colors. I love my Azur Speedy & Noe & I want more. :biggrin: I don't own any mono pieces..I had the Saumar for a lil bit & sold it bc I didn't like the mono print. I wore it only once. :sad: I guess it depends on your style....I'd say go for what you love.
  5. I would go with Mono - too many tales of cracking, peeling and chipping of handles on DE for my liking.
  6. I used to have the neverfull mono I loved it no problems with it. Had it about a year it still looked great until soda spilled all over it and the restaurant bought it off of me. Loved the bag very light and easily carried loved it as an everyday bag.
  7. I was debating between a mono and a DE in GM too. Before I went to the boutique, I was dead set on the DE, but when I tried both on, I liked the Mono more. DE in GM seems huger than the Mono because of the pattern design.
  8. DE to me seems more business like while the Mono is casual.
    Depending on what you're looking at using the bag for I guess. I got the DE myself but if I had to do it all over again i would have gotten the Mono.
  9. Have you been to the boutique and tried them on? I find that helps me decide, just seeing what works better.
  10. De is prettier if you are lucky enough not to have cracking problems :smile:
  11. Thanks. A lot of you said things that I was already thinking about DE, like how it's less "in your face" and it's very pretty. In pictures, I'm drawn to it more than the monogram. But I think on me, perhaps the monogram would translate better. I was thinking back to my work outfits this past week and just feeling like the DE would only match with one outfit I wore. I don't want to have to pick out outfits to go with the bag, I just want the bag to go with anything.
  12. When I got my Speedy I went with the DE because it's less common (at least where I'm from), and I enjoy the pattern. I found though over time I wish I had gotten a mono Speedy (more because I like the vachetta).

    When it comes to the Neverfull, I would be cautious about the DE due to people having issues with the straps cracking due the glaze. Both are nice, but you'll need to try them both (one on each side!!! :giggles:smile: on in a store and see what would work best for you and your life style. :smile:
  13. I would go for the neverfull gm in mono.
  14. I have the never full in mono and love it but now I think I should have gotten the damier so I wouldn't worry so much about the vachetta.
  15. I prefer it in DE!