Neverfull Mono Canvas Bag out in the UK!

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  1. Mm - £305
    Pm - £280
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm going to go see it soon hopefully :yes:
  3. GM - £325
    Pochette - £125 (not officially out yet, only for VVIP customers at Sloane Sq. and New Bond St.)
  4. ooh cant wait!!1 Did you get one?
  5. any pics of the pochette?!
  6. photo courtesy of/from : QueenLouis

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  7. thanks mvc! I hope they bring out the regular pochette, im thinking thats the mini xx
  8. ^I have the mini pochette and the MM neverfull on its way to me..Sight unseen ...LOL..Hope I like them..They arrive tomorrow via fedex
  9. ^^ cant wait to see pic's :smile:
  10. i saw them today, they are cute, I like the big one for a beachbag. I was told certain stores go them to launch early to "test the market" to see which sizes were more popular.
  11. The mini pouchette is so cute, thanks for the pics!
  12. Yea i would love a regular pochette too! I cant seem to find a good use for the mini.
  13. The mini pochette fits my blackberry perfectly!!
  14. Can't wait for the mini pochette!
  15. thanks for the info...