Neverfull mon monogram.. Now or later ?

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  1. Hi all.. I wanted to buy neverfull mon monogram. I am thinking for a birthday gift for my self. But my birthday still in May. And i just bought speedy empriente and charm.
    Yesterday my SA told me there will be price increase soon. She said better order now to save some money.
    Now i am torn. Should i make it now or wait for April ?
    If i grab it now, what color should i make ? I have speedy mon monogram with my daughter initial and zippy wallet with my initial. Should i make the same color or i should choose another color ?
    Fyi.. I made my speedy 3 years ago. At that time, i cant choose the inside color. So my speedy inside color is beige (standard as per normal speedy mono).
    My zippy wallet got fuschia on the inside. I love fushia so i want my neverfull with fushia as the inside color.

    Thanks everyone.. :smile:

  2. Neverfull with fucshia inside sound wonderful to me! Would love to have one too, if your budget allow so get it and then pause :smile:

  3. Please teach me how to pause. :P
  4. I would get it, with fuschia interior and with either matching stripes to what you already have or the fuschia and ivory/ white colour:smile:
  5. Fuschia and ivorie with Fuschia interior. I have the same and I love it to bits!

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  6. That's the one I meant! Mmm its gorgeous, I love it
  7. Love this!
  8. Thank you!! The thought of LV making something just for me in France just set me over the edge! I use my Black MC with fuschia interior wallet with it and it's such a happy combination. I get so many inquiries and compliments on it and I've only seen two other people with a Mon Mono in person. One was in Chicago, and the other was in MN at the Mall of America. I hope you get yours soon!!
  9. Thank you! She's so special!
  10. Thank you. I will go to LV tomorrow. I really like the new neverfull with pocket. And for mon monogram, the pocket also comes with initial. I love it. :smile:
  11. Hi everyone. Just to let you know.. I just ordered my neverfull. So excited.. I can not wait to pick her up. Thank you for everyone support. :smile:
  12. Congrats!!! What color's did you pick ?
  13. Congrats:smile:
  14. Fustian is always so girly

  15. Fushia and yellow. Same as my speedy but now fushia at center. Match with my wallet too. Oh well..
    I really love this color.. :smile: