Neverfull MM with RB interior: Damier Azur vs Mono

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have just ordered the Neverfull MM Damier Azur with Rose interior but am now debating whether to get the Monogram version with Rose Ballerine interior instead? This will be my first Damier Azur piece and my first Neverfull. I was hoping to use this for the spring/summer. Let me know your thoughts! X
  2. I bought both ~ IMO the interior of the DA is much prettier. I would keep the DA since it's your first. And I bet you lvoe it so much that eventually order it in Mono ~!
  3. IMO, the Azur print looks better with the RB interior than the mono does. I say keep the Azur as it's perfect for spring and summer.
  4. Thanks for the advice hun! X
  5. Thanks for the advice! X
  6. Keep it !! Azur is pretty for spring summer :smile:
  7. The Azur is prettier than the mono with the RB lining. So fresh and gorgeous for spring and summer! Congrats on a lovely new bag!
  8. Thanks ladies for all your comments, it's unanimous, Azur wins! Will do a reveal once I get it 😊
  9. Great choice- maybe your next NF will be mono with a darker pink interior. I agree that the RB looks much better with DA.