Neverfull MM w/out clutch. Would you buy it?

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  1. I saw neverfull MM in Monogram like new condition on YoogisCloset without the clutch for $925. Since I've never bought from them before I was able to get $75 off. I wanted an everyday/travel tote and love the DE print but I thought it was too good of a deal considering the price.I paid $850 for the bag. Is that a good buy? do you really use the clutch?
  2. That's a good price for the condition. I sold my clutch b/c I have other pochettes and thought it was too thin for my needs.
  3. My neverfull is still very new to me, but I've honestly only used the clutch twice. If you're just running into the store, you can throw a debit card and your phone in it and be good to go. I agree ^ it is a bit thin for mine as well. It's up to preference for sure.
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  4. I think that's very expensive and not too much of a discount for a preloved NF. But then again, I think in general on the resale market they are all overpriced for the most part. I probably would've bought a brand new one but at least with the discount, you saved a decent amount of cash making it more of a fair price considering what it was. This is just my honest opinion. Dont let it sour your treat to yourself. :smile:
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  5. I saw that bag today! I actually texted my sister in law to buy it! I ordered a MM Neverfull last week on Fashionphile it arrives on Wednesday! I hope it is good! I think you did really well for that price. the bag looks brand new. Keep us posted but Enjoy! With tax you saved 500 dollars so I think it's great!
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  6. No worries. I welcome all comments and feedback. I thought it was a good value considering it was the NM of the neverfull even though it was without the clutch and the bag was manufactured in 2015. I probably would have bought it otherwise but at $850. I thought it was a good deal
  7. I hesitated for a min but then I did the math and it was totally worth it
  8. I never use the pouch from mine, it's just in my LV drawer in my closet. Congrats on a great deal!!!
  9. That's a great deal considering that's around how much they use to cost when they were first produced! I got my neverfull GM for about $700 in 2007 so i think you made out! I've never used my pouch as I have a ton of pouchettes!
  10. That's the exact same bag that I bought over a year ago from them but I think I paid a bit more for it so you definitely got a great deal! It's one of my most used bags and it has held up really really well so far! Mine didnt come with a clutch as well but I dont find that I need it at all.
  11. I think if it is below $900 without the clutch and like new, you got a good deal. ENJOY!:happydance:
  12. If you already own something like the mini pochette or Pochette accessories, I would buy it without the clutch because the items are so similar