neverfull MM (stephen sprouse) or Ursula (MC)

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  1. Gimmethebag: I have not seen the Courtney, I don't think this is online yet? do you have a picture?
  2. I vote for the Roses NF & the agenda :smile:
  3. Ursula :smile:
  4. Roses Neverfull ;)
  5. Check out the Reference LV subforum. It's a new convertible satchel ( like the trevi) but in multicolor and with amazing hardware. I believe it is coming out in October.
  6. Ursula! This bag in Black MC is on my wishlist; it's gorgy!

    The Roses NF is stunning too, but the thin straps just bother me and seem like it would cut into my shoulder (I like to carry a lot).

    Good luck deciding!
  7. Ursula!!!No question!! The neverfull, while lovely, the shoulder straps are just Too Thin, an agenda is nice, but I never use mine since getting my iphone and blackberry, my agenda is outdated...Do look at the Ursula in black as well, so striking!!
    Whatever you decide, go with your instinct, you will know it when you see it, and of course try it on!!
  8. No doubt: NF+agenda!I don't like Ursula that much!
  9. My vote would go for the NF Roses.. BUT if you are waiting until the fall, it is likely to be sold out. With that said, I have one and LOVE it. I had the Graffiti NF but sold it because after looking at it for awhile, I realized I would rather the MM size instead. I don't have an issue with the straps or it being uncomfy. Sometimes the strap slips from my shoulder but that will be the case with many 2 strap shoulder bags. Get one while you still can!!!
  10. I have the Roses Neverfull MM - LVOE!

    I would definitely tell you to get the Roses. Not only it is beautiful, it's also a limited edition item. I like the MC line, but I like it best on the Speedy. :smile:
  11. I'd pick Ursula. It's one of the best-designed MC bags, simply gorgeous and functional.
  12. Roses NF and MC agenda! the Rose's is TDF IRL
  13. I'd get the Ursula. This is such a pretty bag!
  14. NF Roses - It is a limited edition LV which makes it more special. The straps are thin, but they are very durable. The MM is the perfect size. Get it before it's gone or you'll pay over retail on eBay or at other consignment stores.
  15. two things are better than one imo.... get the NF & agenda!