neverfull MM (stephen sprouse) or Ursula (MC)

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am new to Purse Forum, I can't believe there are so many others like me out there! ♥ I do not live near a LV boutique, so I either order over the phone (i am in Canada so no online LV yet :sad: or buy when I travel.

    I will be heading to Boston in Sept. and have my choices narrowed down to either the Stephen Sprouse neverfull MM and the small multicolor agenda or the Ursula bag(in white multicolor) with no agenda? Do you have any of these bags? which would you prefer?

    Thank you so much!!
  2. No contest:

    Stephen Sprouse neverfull MM and the small multicolor agenda

    er...and I don't have either
  3. URSULA!!!!! i am living for this bag right now. so gorge!!!
  4. Not sure if u mean the rose NF or the grafitti NF but I luv the rose. I would prefer the white mc Judy bag than the Ursula! ;)

    p.s. I have the mono NF MM and luv it to death!!! Very practical bag.
  5. I will pick Ursula because I like the design of the bag and hardware and it is multicolore! I have one in black canvas. But be warned though, multicolore will chip overtime as it is because they said, the paint that they used. I bought mine 2nd hand though.

    Neverfull is so simple. Besides, I am not sure if it is worth to pay over $1000 for the bag. And, the image of easily cutting the shoulder strings with a scissor. I mean, OMG, it is so thin! Oh...Ursula has more leather than Neverfull.
  6. Thanks everyone! I did mean the neverfull MM with roses :smile:
  7. NF roses! I have a speedy roses and it's just incredible! An MC agenda would be a great addition too!
  8. Stephen Sprouse neverfull MM!!!!! Get it while you can since it is limited
  9. Thought so, I saw a girl at a Japanese restaurant with one, it looks how can I say? 'special' with the roses.

    I'd like speedy roses and an agenda even more (er, hold on it's not my choice)
  10. Roses + agenda!!

    I have the Roses Speedy and it's definitely a head turner!

    Welcome to tpf!
  11. Roses NF MM is both stunning and practical. I like MC ursula but find it waaay too heavy for an everyday bag.
  12. I would pick the Ursula because I've always loved that bag!
  13. Definitely the rose NF. It's a stunning bag and the roses really POP! :biggrin:
  14. Rose NF! It is limited edition and has pink interior. :nuts:
  15. I would do the roses. The only multicolor on my list is the Judy MM in black... That bag is just wicked.

    But if we're waiting until F/W... I would maybe wait for the Courtney. That bag is so amazing.