Neverfull MM Sold out?!!!

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  1. i went to south coast plaza mall today (southern california) and they have 3 LV's in Bloomies, The actual LV Boutique, and one at Saks...i dont know if there was a Neimans there but i went to all 3 and they were all sold out of the Neverful MM! i couldnt believe it! lol...i was planning to buy it today but i guess its a sign that i shouldn't buy it!! lol...and i realized how POPULAR it really is! speedys never sell out and those are popular as far as buying online...i'd rather buy at the store! so i could get it right then and there...what's werid is i didnt find anything else at the store that i liked at the time being..maybe b/c all LV's were SO CROWDED! UGH

    sorry for the rant...just bugged me a little...its just i was hoping this would be the last time i would be going to a mall b/c of the mad christmas shopping im very impatient when it comes to parking and big crowds. i cant shop peacefully...
  2. It's VERY popular lol... I went and got the GM today and they only had one more. It's the NEW It bag for L.V. I am sure there will be more in stock soon... call the stores frequently and have them put one aside for you when they do get some.
  3. yeah i was just about to get the GM since there were no more MM's and it was OVERWHELMINGLY big for my body. i'm only 5'0" and 100lbs! it was so ugly on me and HUMUNGOUS!!!!! i wished it looked good on me because i really wanted to buy something today haha

  4. Aww I hear that... I am sure it will be in soon... just hang in there! You should see the HUGE dust bag that comes with the GM... it's crazy big!
  5. this is what my SA told me as well..that they're sold out :shrugs:
  6. were you trying to buy/try one on as well?
  7. i was so close to getting the GM today but i wanted a bag i could use everyday rather than just for travel b/c i really like the i wish i was taller! lol
  8. The closest NM is in Newport Beach, funny how 2 weeks ago I purchased my MM at Saks/SCP and they had sooo many then. If you need a great SA at Saks/Brad (manager) is a total sweetheart or Michele too they will find anything for you, Also James at LV Boutique (jewelry manager) he'll get any bag that you are looking for too. Good luck, the MM is the perfect size for us petite women.;)
  9. really you got yours 2 weeks ago?? that's crazy i bet everyone is buying it for christmas presents!!!!!! i think i'll be seeing the neverfull as much as the speedy by next year..aww thanks for the rec's of SA's...i actually drove from San Diego to SCP just because that mall is so huge i havent had a chance to look around there yet so i was disappointed that i didnt buy a bag today lol..shoulda just stuck with the LV here in San Diego. I didn't bother to call though haha.
  10. Do you find the MM might still be a bit big though?? I'm 5'4 and ~105lbs and I found that it almost drowned me out...
  11. I find the MM to be the prefect size for petite women, I'm 5'4 and looks great on me, I will try to post pics. tomorrow for reference.:smile:
  12. Yes xmas rush....I'm sure you'll prob. find it in SD:p
  13. no i have one already and when one of my SA's saw me she said it was good i got it as soon as it came out bc it was sold out

    but i wasent sure if she was just saying that bc i dont really know her as well as my personal SA