Neverfull MM Rose Ballerine or Speedy 30 b in DE?

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  1. Hi!

    After wanting a LV bag for ages, I am ready to make my first purchase ever! Exciting, right? Except I am in doubt between two bags.

    I know I love the speedy b DE more than I love the Neverfull, but that is not to say I don't love the Neverfull, because I do! I want to have both bags eventually. But, I adore, adore adore the RB interior, and it is limited edition.

    So, should I get the Speedy first, or the Neverfull, seeing as I do want both eventually and that is probably my last chance to get the RB interior?

    I don't have a LV so close to me, but saturday I will go pick up my solitaire from Tiffany's in another city (it is being resized) and they have a LV in the same mall. I plan to buy the bag saturday already, so I need to make a decision.

    I would only buy it online if I end up choosing the Neverfull and they don't have it at the store with the RB interior.

    Help, please. And thank you for your time, this is an important decision for me.
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  2. If you LOVE the neverfull in RB, I would recommend getting it first. The speedy in DE should be around for a while
  3. I love RB, so I'd get a neverfull first
  4. I agree, neverfull first! :smile:
  5. Neverfull first, especially since summer is approaching. Totes and summer go together so well! Toss in your water bottle, your sunscreen, a great book, a hat, and the contents of your purse and you are ready for anything!
  6. I think you answered your own question... Get the Neverfull first :smile: i love speedies but i also love the Neverfull with RB and i got mine a month ago :smile:
  7. Thank you, everybody!

    Do you guys find the neverfull comfortable to carry? I am plus size and have really chunky arms, so I am concerned the bag might be uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time and slip off my shoulders.
  8. Get the neverfull!!! It is my all time favorite bag! It is very functional for work, yoga, beach, shopping, etc! And it is sooo comfortable! My poor speedy b25 rarely gets use bc I'm always reaching for my NF. :smile:

  9. I have the Neverfull MM in Rose Ballerine and the Speedy B DE 25 not 30. The Neverfull can be uncomfortable to some due to the thin straps. It also depends how much you carry. Try all your things in both bags and really walk around the store to see how you like them. Both are great bags, you can't go wrong. Have fun deciding!
  10. I would get the neverfull, but Iam a little biased - i dont like the speedy (I apologize to all speedy lovers!)
  11. Definitely the Neverfull! I am officially a plus size gal as well, also with chunky arms, and I have never had any issues with the strap. Get it and love it!
  12. I got my Neverfull first and now am going back for my Speedy 25 DE! Both bags I agree are my must haves! :smile:
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  13. Have them both and love them both so much--but I vote neverfull first. ️
  14. I say neverfull with RB first as you might regret it if you don't get it now and you can't find it in the future. I agree with others that say a tote is great for summer
  15. Since you are planning on getting both then NF first. If only one ever then Speedy.