Neverfull MM - Rose Ballerine Mono or Sugar Pink Poppy?

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NF MM - Rose Ballerine Mono or Sugar Pink Poppy?

Poll closed Jul 12, 2016.
  1. NF MM with Rose Ballerine Interior

  2. NF MM Sugar Pink Poppy - 2016 Limited

  1. #1 Jun 30, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
    Hello, my LV friends! In two weeks I am making a purchase of a Neverfull MM and I am of course torn. I love the look of the monogram with rose ballerine on the inside, but that summer sugar pink poppy is delightful as well. Help me, ladies! I know I won't be sad with either, and asking for preference of others seems funner than eenie meenie. :smile: I have opened a poll which will close in 12 days, let me know which one you would vote for. Cast your vote by choosing one of the voting buttons above.

    Neverfull MM Mono with Rose Ballerine -

    Neverfull MM special edition pink poppy -

    Thank you for humoring me. I do feel excited to read from each of you.
  2. I love the poppy! So bright and cheerful. Good luck deciding!
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  3. Ohh wow! Are they making poppy interior for the Neverfull mono mm? I didn't know! I vote poppy!
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