Neverfull MM Purse to go Extra Jumbo

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  1. Hey Guys, Im asking for a giant favour pleaaaaase:smile: IF anyone has a Neverfull MM and purse to go extra jumbo I would love it if someone could post some detailed pictures of it:smile: Like of it in the bag, the outside of the bag when its in there, cinched uncinched kinda thing. Im a UK customers so it will cost me a lot with postage etc and I want to know that I am getting the something I am completely happy with. I would be hugely grateful it would help me make my decision:smile: Thanks x
  2. There is an old thread called, "Please welcome my new ZIPPER Neverfull!PICS!" which should be very helpful.
  3. I have read that one but that's for the zipper one, I would like the original one which is a bit shorter I think and its the height and the way it looks on the outside is what im concerned about and what I would like to look at. Thanks for the help:smile:
  4. In the extra jumbo size, I only have the zippered one. It fits the NF MM perfectly uncinched. However if you want to cinch it, the Jumbo size works best. I do have a regular Jumbo that I can take pics of tomorrow in the daylight inside a NF MM.
  5. Thankyou. I would really love to see te extra jumbo with the bag cinched an what It looks like on the inside because people say it doesn't cinch but iv seen photos of it cinched but not what it looks like on the outside. Also does it bother anyone that the extra large kinda covers the pocket etc inside on the MM?