NEVERFULL MM PICS -per yer request!

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  1. Ok....My 11 yr old took these for me so u can see how this bag looks size wise.
    Im 5'6 1/2 in height.........Really like this bag.I also clipped the trunks and bags mini pochette into the MM for an accessory pouch look.Wore it out today..fits a ton of stuff......!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Great Pic :drool:.
  4. HOT!! Thanks for the pics! I like the small one but the big one looks good one you :yes:
  5. Ooh the MM looks a lot bigger than the PM shown by Joan. But it still looks great on ya! :yes: Thanks for modellin it!
  6. These pics are when the bag is WIDE open..NOT cinched at the sides.Which is honestly how I prefer it!
  7. wow, you have a great body lol, thanks for sharing, congrats:biggrin:
  8. Thanks for sharing! It's SO cute! I love the pochette as well.

    Do you think the straps are sturdy enough to carry around books for school? It looks like it would make a cute school bag.

  9. Congrats!!! Looks great on you!! Can you also please post pics with the bag cinched? The small pochette is soooo cute!! Very tempting!
  10. wow, great bag ! and i love how it look when carry on the shoulder ! congrats !
  11. The straps are INCREDIBLY sturdy..I have my books and magazines in there....I needed reading material during my daughters tennis lesson...LOL

    It holds them all great and the best part is when its FULLY loaded..Its STILL LIGHTWEIGHT!
  12. LOVE the bag... I'm drooling!
  13. :heart: that bag. May be the perfect purse/tote combo I have been looking for! Thanks for the pics!
  14. Looks amazing on you! I definitely have to get this now! :nuts:
  15. Fantastic Jill! Well done yet again! :nuts: