Neverfull MM or...

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  1. Hey everyone. So I think I want to get a Neverfull MM. I asked my BF for his opinion, and he was like "it looks just like your other one, but dumber" ... btw, the "other one" is my Damier Beaubourg, and I want the Monogram Neverfull. Please help me justify in my mind why buying this bag WILL be worth it since I have an LV tote already! Or not, if you think so. THANK YOU!
  2. how about a galliera???
  3. I HAVE A MONO BEAUBOURG and it's great. it serves a much different purpose that my NF that i just got and I cant wait to use.
  4. i think the neverfull is a really cute bag...however, it is going to be really similar to your other tote....did u consider some other beljwl suggested, the galliera?
  5. I think its fine to own both!
  6. i love my mono nf! i think you'd really enjoy it if you got it!
  7. Have you considered a Batignolles Vertical or Horizontal?


    How about a Speedy 30? :graucho:
  8. I think I like the chic-ness of the vachetta on the bag, and I wanted to try a monogram bag. I'm debating selling my Beaubourg to get this one. But now that i'm thinking about it... they may look similar but I feel like i'd wear them differently. I don't care about carrying books and stuff in my Beaubourg, but I don't think I'd do that with the Neverfull.
  9. It really is about what you like and want. If you like totes, there is nothing wrong with owning more than one! I've seen lots of people here on TPF with more than one NF, just in different patterns. Sounds like you would really like the Mono NF and it's a different pattern than you have already so if you have the $$ I'd go for it!
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