Neverfull MM or Totally MM

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  1. Where I live we can have snowy winters and rainy spring days, so I am wanting to get a more weather proof tote style bag. I am looking at either the Neverfull MM or Totally MM in Damier Ebene. I already own 2 Neverfulls (mono and azur) and while I love this bag, I am thinking that maybe I should diversify a bit and the Totally seems to have plenty of pockets for organizing . My only question is do you think the Totally looks too much like a diaper bag? Are there any cons to the Totally? Thanks!
  2. I love my Totally MM in DE. I'm carrying today as a matter of fact. It's very carefree, holds a ton, has great organization and I love that it zips. Because it zips, I can wear it in the rain and not only do I not have to worry about vachetta on the bag, but I don't gave to worry about my items in my bag either. it also has longer straps which are great for wearing with a coat. It's very comfortable. The exterior pockets are a huge plus as well. Have fun choosing and be please let us know what you decide :smile:
  3. Thanks so much for your input. It does seem like a very functional bag. I am going to go next week and compare the two. I also want to know if there is any problem with buckling at the top if the bag when you have it loaded down.
  4. Since you already have two NFs, I'd go with the Totally. I had the mono GM and loved it but sold it b/c I was not a fan of vachetta straps. I wish they would do a GM in DE! :drool:
  5. Definately the Totally and I love it in the DE. I will be getting that bag in the fall!
  6. My Vote is for Totally MM in DE!
  7. I don't own the Totally MM, but it seems super functional. I don't love the looks of the compartments on the sides, but I think it would be great for keys or a cell phone. The bag seemed really comfortable when I tried it at the store.
  8. I have a totally PM and would 100% take a MM over a NF. Thicker straps, longer drop length, zip and extra pockets do it for me! HTH!
  9. I ADORE the Totally. I didn't even know they made it in DE now! That is awesome news. I never thought it looked like a diaper bag, myself...just a very functional, practical tote. I remember a couple years ago, I saw this younger lady walk into the subway with the most gorgeous patina on her monogram Totally...I was swooning at the deliciousness of her well-loved bag.

    I also pick the Totally for the sheer fact that it has a zipper- I refuse to buy bags without zippers, because I am way too paranoid about greedy hands slipping inside, or something falling out as I am out and about...but mostly for security reasons!

    In your case, since you already own two versions of the Neverfull, it'd be great to strike out and try something new with the Totally. Happy shopping
  10. Thanks everyone for your advise. Looks like the Totally is taking the lead on this one. I can't wait to try it on in person. It was never on my radar until now.
  11. I've had my DE Totally MM for one week now and I am so in love with this bag!! I wish I had bought it sooner! I say go for the Totally all the way, it's really a functional bag and perfect for everyday! :smile:
  12. have both, but the totally is my pick. love that bag and i don't feel like i am carrying a diaper bag at all! totally has the security of a zip top, more comfy straps, outer pockets for keys, cellphone or water bottle, great visibility/access inside, pockets. one of my favorite lvs.
  13. Totally!
    I have a NF DE but have always been thinking about the totally.
  14. A lot of people the neverfull mm including me.. Whenever I wear it to the mall or anywhere with a lot of people someone has it lol

    I'd go with the Totally.

  15. Wow! Sounds like everyone so far prefers the Totally.