Neverfull MM or the Cabas Rivington?

  1. If the price difference isn't an issue, definitely the Cabas Rivington!
  2. I used to have the nf de and sold it and used the money to buy my cabas rivington. I love the cabas..its not as common as the nf and it has the look of the nf and a bucket tote( when zipped). I also think that the cabas straps will age better and are less prone to cracking due the the hardware on the straps. The hardware allows the straps to fall in any position and not bend the straps excessively.

    The cabas straps did hurt my shoulder in the begining because the leather was so stiff...but now that i have used it for a few months the straps have soften up. It is double the price of a nf but well worth IMO.

    Good luck deciding!! Both are great choices!! :smile:
  3. Cabas Rivington
  4. Yes I am aware of the huge price difference between the two bags and have mentioned this fact to my friend but the uniqueness of the Cabas Rivington is one of the reasons why she's considering it.
  5. Thank you so much for the replies :smile:. I asked my friend to read this thread before we go to an LV store this weekend.
  6. Cabas Rivington
  7. If price isn't an issue, I would choose the Cabas Rivington. When price is considered, I don't think it's worth the money. I'd rather have the Hampstead MM.
  8. Side by side of a neverfull mm and cabas rivington. I put small boxes inside to maintain the shape :smile:
  9. Love the picture comparisons...How much bigger does the CRivington get when the sides aren't zipped?
  10. Cabas Rivington but if you carry many big items than nf
  11. I prefer the neverfull. The neverfull is the only tote LV still has available that I like.
  12. NF! I was also considering the Cabas Rivington but after watching a comparison video on youtube I decided it wasn't for me. I feel like my lifestyle is to casual to pull of the brass zippers on the sides (ie: it may look a little to fancy hanging off the treadmill at the gym). Also I have narrow shoulders and have trouble keeping shoulder straps in place. In the video one of the Cabas straps was falling of the shoulder and when the sides are cinched they are much more intrusive in the Cabas than in the NF making it more difficult to access items. The comparison also mentioned that the Cabas was stiffer and after being zipped several days had trouble maintaining its open shape.
  13. I have a cabas rivington, neverfull mm, and gm. I prefer the rivington because the straps are thicker/longer and it's a longer drop.
  14. Which video did you watch? I only saw one...dark haired lady on the rivington wearing a black shirt and gray leggings.

    When I'm not using it, I keep a long box inside with stuffing to maintain the shape.