Neverfull MM or speedy me decide

  1. Okay so in August I can get another bag :yahoo: and I dont have any LV mono and I have fallen in love with the neverfull and the speedy. I seriously lust over the speedy for 2 days and then I lust on the neverfull for get the idea. So those who own one, or both tell me your opinions.

    Neverfull MM:
    big, can put my school books and everything else in it, can change the shape, adorable interior, I love totes and open top bags
    Cons: I already have a similiar sized Gucci tote

    Speedy 30:
    adorable, classic, I dont have anything similiar to it
    Cons: It zips and is not carried over the shoulder (may be a pro, but im just not used to hand carried bags) Cant fit my larger school stuff in (although I could do what alot of girls at my school do, put their books in a cheap tote and carry a smaller expensive bag.)

    Im sure ill get the one I dont get now around january for my birthday or for xmas, but I can only get one now and I want them :push::sweatdrop:
  2. get the mono speedy 30 now and maybe wait for the neverfull to come out in damier and then get that!
  3. get the neverfull! i actually was debating over these two bags myself just a week ago.
    i picked the neverfull because it is soo versatile!
  4. My favorite bag is the speedy 30, i have it in many different patterns etc...i recently bought a neverfull mm and i really love it. its way bigger than the speedy but doesnt feel HUGE....its a hard decision to make...can you try them both on and see which one you like better? if you go with the speedy, i would go with the 35. thats my next bag!
  5. I own the Neverfull MM and use it all the time...LOVE it! :yes:
  6. Speedy 30 = neverfull pm
    Lets comapre size for size.

    If you're tiny you will get the pm over your shoulder unlike the speedy. No zipper on the neverfull ( if its an issue for you. Unlike the speedy the neverfull has a nice lining and isnt a dark hole to search in. Personally I like the pm better then the speedy 30. I will replace my speedy with the pm :smile: at some point but i'm waiting to see the damier first.
    Good luck with your choice :smile: I say be different and go for the neverfull PM :tup:

  7. If you don't already have a speedy, then I think you should get that first! It's such a wonderful bag.
  8. Def neverfull MM ! ;)
  9. I have the Neverfull MM & use it everyday. I love it!
  10. get the speedy I think it will last longer because of the handles the never full has verry fragile and thin handles that one day might tear, unlike the speedy it's handles have a pice of rope insede of them which= Durable...
  11. Speedy 30. It's one of my favorite bags because it holds so much. But I'm not a big fan of the Neverfull though. The straps look too thin, and the misalignment bothers me.

    If you want a shoulder bag, I think the BH & BV are better options.
  12. I love both bags but I'm going to vote for the Speedy. I think it's a staple in any LV collection.
  13. Speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Neverfull
  15. Speedy 30 is a great bag. I would get it first, then get the neverfull later on.