neverfull mm or saleya

  1. hi.....i am new lv addict .......
    i bought my first lv speedy 30 last thinking to hav a shoulder bag cos i always hav to carry baby all the time, so speedy not very convenient for me.
    i like neverfull but i dont understand wats the two string for at the side....??? however, its a big bag with reasonable price......but then......
    i also think of saleya cos it has a zip please....gals....pls help me to make a decision...i will be very much appreciate tat...thank u:yes:
  2. i've seen a lady who is carrying a baby with the speedy on a lv strap.
  3. the neverfull string at the side are so you can "adjust" the bag, depending on how much you are carrying - (i think).
    The neverfull is an awesome shoulder bag :biggrin:
  4. I have a neverfull and love it. I highly recommend it.
  5. anyone using saleya or neverfull......can u gals give me advice after using it......thanks.....
  6. I can't give you advice, since I don't have them but I prefer the Saleya.
  7. I have a Neverfull MM & I love it :love: It's comfy on the shoulder & you can fit so much in it.
  8. I love my azur saleya PM soooo much ;) It's so comfy :smile:
  9. i prefer saleya :smile:. personally i think it looks better.
  10. I'd say since you have a mono bag go for the damier :smile:
  11. I have the Damier Saleya MM and it is a great bag because I could fit everything in it. The Neverfull reminds me of my bagtinolles horizontal because it is so light weight. It depends how much you want to carry. For me, even when I put a laptop and textbook in my bagtinolles, it feels fairly light for what i have inside. Im comparing the bagtinolles and neverfull because they are both light in weight bags. The saleya looks great however, very classy but if you put loads in it, be prepared to have an aching shoulder since there are gold rings on it and makes the bag heavier. I hope this helps :smile:
  12. Neverfull MM, more classic but still elegant :smile:
  13. I like that the Saleya has a zipper
  14. My vote is absolutely the Saleya! I don't like bags with open top, and the shoulder straps of the Neverfull are so fine - I don't like that! The Neverfull for me looks like a "Toy Bag" for children. I don't know..
    I have the Saleya in Damier, and I love it very much.
  15. I have the saleya and Love it!!! I would suggest it b/c of the zipper on top and the zipper in the front (if you are getting the GM). I don't really like the neverfull b/c of the 2 strings and the closure on the top. Let us know what you get!