Neverfull MM or PM?

  1. Im 5"7 and around 140lbs, i dont like too big bags so the GM is def out! ive looked on the refrence threads but most of the PM models are petite:sad: so its hard to tell it's size! i have an MC alma and that is a perfect size for fitting my stuff in! so has anyone got any pics of either bag and is around my height? also what would you choose!?
  2. I would go for the MM
  3. MM is a better choice!
  4. I prefer the mm size... personally for me pm is small and gm is huge..:smile:
  5. I tried both on at the store and I am definitely not a big bag person, I dont even fill up a Speedy 25 and I thought the PM was too small-looking, im sure it had easily the capacity to carry all my stuff but with the thin straps and the small shape I felt like I was carrying a childs bag..I could fit the PM on my shoulder but it looked funny (im 5'6, 115 lbs btw) so I got the MM! Its pretty big capacity-wise, im never going to fill it up, but on me it looks great! Hope that helps :smile:
  6. Mm
  7. Another vote for MM!
    I don't like the PM that much, it looks too small.
  8. MM - I think the PM would look too small.
  9. I have the MOCA MM and it's a perfect size.
  10. Definitely the MM, the PM is really, REALLY small.

    Plus if you look at the masses, it was the MM that was really garnering waitlists, the PM was readily available the whole time because fewer people were interested in it !
  11. Definitely MM.... PM is a little too small... not capacity-wise... just look-wise...
  12. MM is perfect, especially when the sides are pulled in...I :love: mine!!
  13. The MM is a shoulder bag unlike the PM...and ya as others say the PM is too small..
  14. Mm!!
  15. MM is the perfect size!