Neverfull MM or LockMe Go tote?

Jan 19, 2012
I just bought a Neverfull MM in DA and a Clémence wallet in blue Empreinte with red lining and interior.

I'm considering exchanging the Neverfull to the blue and red Lockme Go tote as it would match my wallet and it has buttons and turnlock (I live in Paris and my wallet was stolen once). Also I love the sublet fold of the this leather tote.

then I feel like the Neverfull is a classic and would be a easier resell of I get bored of it while the Lockme Go will be a harder sell and 700 Eur more.

What to do!
Jun 16, 2010
judging it based on the area where you live, i would go for a bag that offers me more security. i love my neverfull and i can see why it's a staple for many of us. if you're keen on the neverfull, get a bag insert with a zipper closure. that way that issue is solved.

i wouldnt compare their resale values honestly cuz there are way too many neverfulls on the resale market and they really go for cheap. so chances are if you wanna resell your neverfull in future, you're not gonna get much back anyway.

go for what makes your heart sing, and not base it on the general popularity of a particular item. what works for others might not necessarily work for you.
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Feb 26, 2013
Southern CA
Buy the one you prefer. As was mentioned, you can buy a bag organizer with a zip top. I know Samorga makes them. With NF, you can also zip your wallet into the interior pocket. When I travel, I do that as well as put a scarf over the opening of my bag (tucking over the contents) and connect the clasp at the top of the bag. My point is: if you prefer NF, there are ways to make it more secure. For your daily use in a busy city, it sounds like a zip top organizer could be the key. Both bags are great, and so is the Clemence wallet!