Neverfull MM or GG

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Do you prefer Nerverfull MM or GG size for daily wear?

  1. NF MM

    24 vote(s)
  2. NF GG

    6 vote(s)
  3. Something Else

    1 vote(s)
  1. Do you prefer Nerverfull MM or GG size for daily wear? Please explain...

    I’m contemplating a Neverfull MM in Azur.
  2. It’s GM for “Grand Modèle,” not GG.
  3. It sure is GM.
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  4. GM is better. You can clinch if it's too big, but when you need to carry the kitchen sink, you have a nice bag.

    MM is cool, but you'll need more room for more stuffs.
  5. I like the MM for daily use. The GM is better for travel.
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  6. How tall are you? I'm 1.70m and the GM is really really enormous on me.
    That said, I would go for MM (if you can find the MM in DA in last year's special editions, that was my favorite :heart:)
  7. MM for daily use. That size holds a ton! I’ve never ran out of room including traveling.
  8. MM is perfect for daily wear.
  9. I’m 5ft. Lol
  10. GM is travel only for me. If you love really gigantic bags for daily use, this is the one for you. MM is a perfect day size, and frankly, even the MM has tons of capacity. It's best if you can get to a store to check them out in person.
  11. I prefer the MM.
    IMO the GM size is good for traveling; not everyday use.
  12. What do you carry daily? I have the mm and it works but is full of all the crap I carry daily and refuse to downsize. I rather would have a gm and have that extra room if needed. Also you can sinch the sides of it looks too large on you. For me, and my tote everything with me live out of my purse for weeks lifestyle, I would go for a gm. So I’d really evaluate what you like to carry, your lifestyle, what works and doesn’t of other totes you have, etc before making a decision.
  13. I’d choose MM size. It may look a bit small when new but the canvas softens with use. My NF MM looks and feels bigger now!
  14. I have to go with GM for sure!

    Excellent bag for daily or travel.
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