Neverfull MM or Azur Saleya MM?

  1. guys, help me out... i love the shape and size of the neverfull, but i need the security of the zipped saleya. both are great summer bags so I'm totally lost. HELP! :sad:
  2. Zipped Saleya gets my vote for everyday bag use. If you just want to tote stuff like books you are currently reading or magazines, etc., then the Neverfull to me looks like a good bag to have for this purpose. I have to have a zipped top for my everyday bag as a matter of security.
  3. Azur Saleya for sure!
  4. saleya!!!! get the biggest size! i have the small one.. but can't put my things in it. so sad :sad:

    but im planning to purchase the neverfull GM ...surely i can put all my stuffs without worrying...

    but then, ur right..its safe to have the zipped saleya than the neverfull...

    i think the price of neverfull and saleya differs.. saleya is more its worth nice :smile: go get it!!!
  5. If the MM size, I recommend you to choose the saleya. Neverfull only looks good in PM size only (from my personal opinion)