Neverfull MM or a Pochette Wallet & Pochette Cosmétique

  1. I just got a Neverfull MM. I love it, but being new to the whole LV addiction, I don't know if I should get a Pochette Wallet and a Pochette Cosmetique instead to go with my Mono Speedy 30. If I did that, I'd have a matching set! But the Neverfull is such a great bag. I know it's all about my preference, but I'm so indecisive and I like all 3 things, I don't know which ones to keep/get. Any suggestions?
  2. Welcome to TPF!
    Personally, I'd get the pochette wallet and the pochette you said, complete the set.
    If you want to get a bag though...well personally I'm not really a huge fan of the Neverfulls so I'd go with something else.
  3. Ditto What Karman said.
  4. I agree with Karman :smile:
  5. Thanks guys for the responses! Keep them comin'!
  6. Welcome to Tpf! I agree with Karman to!
  7. I'd actually keep the Neverfull to keep a little bag variety. Then you can add the accessories individually to your collection, which makes it more special in my book. Actually I'd recommend getting a damier wallet or cosmetique to break it up a little- a lot of mono can get monotonous IMO.
  8. I also agree with Karman!
  9. I like the pouchette and the wallet idea better. The pouchette you can use to hold your makeup etc in pretty much any bag and the wallet will last you for years and years.
  10. I also agree about completing the set.
  11. It's looking like I'm going to go for the complete set. However, my birthday just passed, so maybe it'd be OK to splurge and keep the Neverfull and get the wallet. Haha! Thanks for all the input.
  12. I agree with Karman also.
  13. I would rather have another bag... I say keep the neverfull
  14. I always go with a bag over any accessory.
  15. i would get the bag first to have more varity and then get accessories.