Neverfull MM not availiable in London :-(

  1. I'm back from London, where I was surprised to find out that none or the five (or six, if you count both counters in Harrod's) LV stores had the Neverfull MM in stock. They were expecting a new shipment next week, and offered to make me a "reservation" for one, but could not promise I'd get one from the first shipment, as they had several reservations already. It wasn't an option for me, as I was only in town for four days.

    Now I'm on the waitlist in Oslo, with 20 people ahead of me, and probably about a month wait before I get my bag. I totally regret not getting on the list when I was there a couple of weeks ago, but I was so sure I'd be able to get the bag in London.
  2. What a shame. I take it you were there on your holidays? It would have been lovely to bring a brand new souvenir home with you. :sad:

    Still, all good things, etc etc. Lol, not much consolation I know, but if wait you must then you'll feel better about it if you just consider how much sweeter it'll feel to finally have it in your arms. :tup:
  3. good luck! but i'm sure it will be worth the wait :smile:
  4. Good luck.