neverfull MM mono or Damier

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neverfull MM mono or damier

  1. mono

  2. damier

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  1. Hello!
    I am thinknig of getting a neverfull MM for my mother, She has been helping with my baby. Will you pick Mono or Damier? She is about 65 year old. she does prefer mono, but I told her that the leather will change color but the damier won't.
    Thank you.
  2. I vote for mono because she luvs mono. I think NF looks best in mono and I do have the mono NF MM and luv it. What a great daughter u are! ;)
  3. mono
  4. Mono!
  5. I prefer the damier but if she likes mono then get that!
  6. Mono!
  7. You are right the handles will change into a darker color, but I think it's part of the beauty of the bag. I like them both, so it is really a personal decision and if your mother likes the Mono I think then question closed. Get her a Mono.

    Take care

  8. Thank you all for the comments! She told me that damier is fine too, since we try both at the store yesterday. she likes them both, but she said she saw too many fake damier in taiwan that is why she does not like it at the first place.
  9. I have the NF in damier and I love it!!! But really, it is what her prreference is....maybe take her to the boutique and let her pick?
  10. I prefer the NF in damier, but if your mom likes mono better, get her the mono!
  11. damier :smile:
  12. I like the Damier better for NF but if Mom likes the Mono better than that's the way to go.
  13. damier for sure!!!
  14. mono!
  15. damier is worry-free about getting dirty/wet etc, but if she wants mono then you should give her what she likes! i'm sure she'll take good care of it. :]