Neverfull mm mono beige lining

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  1. Hello! My sweet husband is gifting me a neverfull mm in mono before our baby girl arrives. I already own the DE which I love! My question is, is the monogram print high maintenance? What about the beige lining does it get dirty easily ? I live in Washington state so it's mostly cloudy or raining (except during the summer of course)
  2. The new model has a range of colours as interiour:smile:
    Great push gift from your hubby! Well deserved!
    I love monogram bags. Just let the bag get a little sunlight and air for a few hours a day for 3 days so it developes the patina "film".
    Then use her and love her. Let her age with you and your baby:smile:
  3. Congrats! I use a bag organizer & never worry about the inside getting dirty. Someone posted recently about carrying these tiny portable nylon bags in case of bad weather. I need to check into that too.

  4. +1 this goes for all of my bags
  5. +1 love my samorga
  6. The Mono Neverfull wears nicely. Great gift and congrats on your new baby!!
  7. I have the mono with beige lining and it wears well! Enjoy

  8. Do you regret not getting the lining an another color?
  9. Not at all! I think the beige is simple and classy.
  10. Do you think guys it's still worth buying the Neverfull with the price 1800 CAD for Neverfull Mono GM? I remember back in 2009 when I bought my speedy, the Neverfull was cheaper. Now the price boost up a lot. Going back, I wish I bought the Neverfull first because the price of the speedy is still relatively close to it's price before unlike the Neverfull. What are your thoughts?
  11. My NF has the original design beige lining and in 8.5 years only has a slight stain where a grape escaped from my lunch box.