Neverfull MM in Mono or Damier Azur print?

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  1. Hey everyone, hoping for some advice! I’m looking to purchase my next Neverfull in the MM size in either Mono or Damier Azur print.

    I have the Neverfull PM in Damier Ebene already. Love the size! However, would like the option to carry my work laptop, so the MM would be perfect.

    I’m leaning towards Damier Azur because of the Rose Ballerine lining. Just wondering if it is worth getting this print because of the color transfer issue? What’s the best way to keep it clean?

  2. If you don’t mine using an organizer, that would be perfect for keeping your bag clean and new looking.
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  3. If you like the DA print then go for it. I haven’t had color transfer issues with my NF and it’s 6 years old. I’ve used baby wipes to keep it clean.
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  4. Oops, sorry, I read the question wrong. I thought you were talking about the inside getting dirty since some people are concerned about that light color.

    But regarding the possible color transfer on the Damier Azur, that’s just one concern. The other concern is the discoloration of the untreated leather on the straps. But, whatever you get, it must be what you like best. The Damier Azur might be worth more trouble to you.
  5. Thanks for your advice everyone! Think I finally made my mind up. I’d feel like I’d have to “baby” the bag too much if it was in the DA print. Will be purchasing the MM in the Mono print, hopefully in Rose Ballerine lining! If not, definitely in the red lining
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  6. I tend to stay away from large bags in DA print. I have the NF PM DE in red and I love it. Was thinking about the NF MM DE in Rose Ballerine. It’s just so beautiful.

    Good luck in your decision.
  7. I have a damier azure MM NF its only been a few weeks but the SA told me the color transfer issues are more of an issue with new unwashed dark denim. She said if the denim has been washed a few times already it should be fine. I think I would be more concerned with a crossbody in damier azur repeatedly rubbing on whatever I am wearing all day.
  8. I’m too scared of vachetta leather, one day I’m gonna buy a DA print speedy b and have the leather dyed navy blue. Someone on here did it and it looks amazing!!
  9. Can't go wrong with mono. I love all three but for me, DA and DE are a bit seasonal whereas mono is great all year round.
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  10. Thanks! I have the NF PM DE in red. Love it too, will probably purchase the MM mono in the red lining, since the RB lining is discontinued in the mono .
  11. Nothing feels better than finally making a choice. I’m sure you’ll love your bag.
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  12. I just bought the Neverfull mm in mono, red lining. She’s beautiful!
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  13. Hey everyone, thanks again for the advice! Stopped by LV today IMG_3863.JPG
  14. Congrats and enjoy.. ;)
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  15. Great choice. Enjoy your beautiful new bag. :smile:
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