Neverfull MM in mono gone from

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  1. Is it just sold out online or are they not carrying it online anymore? TIA!
  2. All three sizes of original mono Neverfull were discontinued and replaced by the Neo Neverfull with the pouch, colored lining and higher price tag. The original mono was removed from during the recent price increase, but you might be able to find one in stores.
  3. You could call customer service and they can check if there are any left in any stores....
  4. My understanding is the regular monogram neverfull was phased out during the price adjustment. They still have the ebene and azur models in the old model, but there is now a new model neverfull with a flat pochette
  5. I'm sooooo bummed about this. :sad:. I was eyeing the Neverfull MM mono for too long and didn't pull the trigger. Now I'm forced to look at pre-loved, and that makes me very nervous.
  6. that is what my SA told me yesterday. The same thing will happen to the DA and DE print. So if you were thinking about getting that, now is the time! ;)
  7. ......and the new ones don't have the old fashioned cool "Louis Vuitton" 1880s script inside on the pocket!
  8. Don't give up! I agree with the other poster about calling a store...I was in my Saks LV yesterday and the lady checking out beside me picked up one they still had in stock for her daughter :smile:
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