neverfull mm in epi leather

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  1. I love epi leather! But i wonder what it's like combining that with the never full. Is it more structure? Is it as comfortable?
  2. I can't speak for the epi NF, but I had a epi speedy that held its shape very well.
  3. I tried it on in the Boutique. It doesn't have that wonderful slouchy feel and shape. Its very structured and is a totally different look and feel. I much prefer the canvas Neverfull!
  4. I have the neverfull epi in noir and I love it. It is a structured bag and does not flop like the other neverfulls
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  5. It's more structured and also heavier and stiff comparing to the canvas one. You also cannot cinch in the sides but it's still a great tote!and in some lovely colors too!
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  6. It's definitely more structured, I love it!
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  7. Very structured, a much different look. I love the canvas Neverfull because it gets all slouchy and molds to my side. When I tried the Epi one on, I felt like it was more formal looking. It also doesn't settle against your body and cinching it in doesn't look as good. I love the look of it in theory, but a tote is (to me) meant to be a simple, carefree sort of bag. The Epi doesn't feel that way to me.
  8. I loved my neverfull mm in mono and considered buying the black epi as I needed a more discreet bag. I went for the YSL shopper tote as it ticked all the boxes and was half the price! image.jpeg
  9. That's a gorgeous tote! I may have to check that out. May I ask where you got it?
  10. I purchased it from net a porter for £590
  11. Lovely collection! How much Saint L straps are longer?
  12. If only that was just my collection, my husband would be a rich man Whilst I'm wearing the YSL the straps feel the same drop as the neverfull. I'll have to measure the straps.
  13. Just measured them, the YSL straps are 1.4 inches longer
  14. Thank you for the info!
  15. Hello all, I'm a new member of this forum. I have a question about this particular handbag, I hope I'm not posting at the wrong thread.
    I just bought a neverfull MM in Epi leather, rose ballerine color, in London last month, but I just got the chance to inspect the bag thoroughly when I'm back to the states and unfortunately I found many "imperfections" on the bag including scratch-like mark, little punctures, and crease.
    I've tried to seek advice from LV stores or exchange the item but there was only one store within 100 miles of my house that still carries this bag (they only have one item left but that one has a black mark, which the SA said must be a scratch mark, so I ended up not exchanging my bag).
    Would anybody here who owns or has knowledge about neverfull in Epi leather please tell me what these imperfections are (are these imperfections indication of a defect item or are they expected on any Epi leather)? Thank you so much in advance![ IMG_1478106643.310064.jpg IMG_1478106655.598498.jpg IMG_1478106721.496903.jpg ATTACH=full]3510023[/ATTACH]

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