Neverfull MM for a Guy, will it work?


The Mono NeverFull Tote.... okay for a guy?

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  1. Im finding the Mono Neverfull MM very attractive (design+price wise). Do you think I'll be fine using it as a guy?

  2. I think anything can work if you're confident enough with it but I'd be inclined to say it leans a little to the feminine side I think it's the thin handles
  3. I got a Neverfull GM i use it as a school bag... my fren is like wow the new Lv design bag...:p go for it!!!! and i think maybe when the damier & azur line is out i gonnna grab em'....remember as long as you like it...
  4. You're a late sleeper! How much did u pay for ur Neverfull GM in Singapore?
  5. I think it would look great! Go for it
  6. same here!
  7. I tend to think it has a few feminine touches to it... however, I am one to rock any bag I like and I don't care what ppl think.. so it is ultimately up to you!
  8. i got it at about around S$1000+ with GST as usual....:yes:
  9. So cheap (the Spore store is always cheaper than BKK one)!!!!!!!! Maybe I'll fly AirAsia to buy one there. hahahaha

  10. same here i don't give a damn:yes: as long as i like it...i try it feel that it ok...payment :smile:

  11. if you come to s'pore to buy at the DFS shop you dun nid to pay GST will be cheaper then me paying GST lol:yes:
  12. I am not too sure about that. I think the thin straps are femme. I would have to see it on you!
  13. I never knew LV has a store in DFS!!! I always buy from the Ngee Ann City store. Next time I'll be splurging in DFS for sure!
  14. Hmm, don't really know... I think the Neverfull looks a bit feminine, but if you think you can pull it off, by all means!
  15. It is at Orchard Road DFS Scotts walk level 3.... if you buy remember to post some pic of your Neverfull!!!:yes::p