Neverfull MM, enable me please!!!

  1. I kept refreshing the Neverfull MM page hoping to see the bag in stock instead of red letters saying it was out of stock. And with my luck I got it in my basket. I just bought the Stratus PM and I've been wanting a bag for school. I just don't know if I want to spend more money :sad: Should I? The Neverfull is so hard to come by... Please enable me!
  2. It's cute. You can use it for school!!
    GET IT!!!
  3. GET IT!!! I keep seeing it disappearing from ELux!!!!
  4. I would get it too, Elux has free shipping right now too!
  5. I have the PM and it's great. You can carry it on your arm, wear it on your shoulder, cinch it up, or leave it open. Very versatile bag. Almost like geting two bags in one. It holds a ton of stuff too. I say this everytime someone mentions the Neverfull, but I looooooove the lining. I wish LV would use that lining on more bags instead of the just the plain brown textile. It's awesome!
  6. I loooove my Neverfull PM!!!..........As ArmCandyLuvr said, you can wear it many diffrent ways.....

    Sometimes if you cinch the sides in, it looks like a TOTALLY diffrent bag!

  7. You deserve a new bag... go for it!
  8. I went to South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa Louis Vuitton yesterday, Friday and they say they have lots of neverfull pm and mm in stock. only the gm is out. check it out or give em a call~!
  9. what does enable mean..are you on a ban? and who does the enabling? lol.
  10. I'd get it!! I have the neverfull mm & I absolutely love it! I use it for work & it holds a ton of stuff.
  11. great price, I would go for it.
  12. I was supposed to be on a ban. My BF said no more purses for me, but seeing it on eluxury I couldn't help myself and got it. I'm happy I got it. I can't wait to get it. Seems like a versatile bag to me.
  13. BUY IT! It's soooo affordable and that's so hard to come by in LV! Plus it's actually VERY useful and stylish. I'm on the waitlist to get the MM. I love it sooo much I'm thinking of getting it in the Damier as well!!:wlae:
  14. If you really really really want it I'd go for it! Its such a great bag, its something you can use all the time!!!! With it being so popular your lucky to get it :smile: I say go for it!!!!!!
  15. you can turn it inside out:tup: