Neverfull - made in USA or France??

  1. Has anyone seen the middle size Neverfull that is tagged "Made in France" anywhere? Most of the Neverfulls I have seen have been tagged "Made in the USA" and I am wondering if there is one out there that is not. If anyone knows where there is one, please let me know!! TIA!!!
  2. I don't think so...most all of the Neverfulls are made in the USA, the only ones I've seen that were made in France were the ones from MOCA.
  3. The first shipments to the stores where made in France as is most new releases, then the second shipment, etc are USA
  4. Hmmm, interesting.............I had a SA tell me that the bags that are tagged "made in france" are the ones sold in France. Ummm, I can't stand stupid people spreading stupid information. It makes sense about the shipments though...I have noticed that. Thanks for all the input!
  5. hi! from what I understand.. the ones made in the USA (California) are shipped to the U.S. ... the ones made in France are sold in Europe & Asia. Hope this helps.
  6. mine neverfull is made in france.
  7. but I am living in turkey not usa... thats why mine is france made.
  8. mine is Made in France - got it here in Canada.
  9. where is the factory located in USA?:confused1::graucho:
  10. i bought my neverfull MM in Manila (via the only LV store) and mine's Made in France. :smile:
  11. If I'm not mistaking, most of the "made in France" are sold in Europe.
  12. Mine is made in France, and I got it from Singapore