Neverfull - Love it or Hate it?


An Obsessed Leftie
Mar 2, 2007
I finally was able to make a trip to LV this weekend (my closets is over 1 1/2 hrs away and involves driving from a VERY rural area which I live into the burbs of Chicago) ..
anyhoo I had a list of 3 bags I was considering the Neverfull MM being one of them. After seeing it in person it got a :tdown: from me. The thin straps while I'm not worried about "carrying a load" seem flimsy and cheap in appearance to me. My WONDERFUL AWESOME SA pointed out that in his opinion it's meant to be more of a beach/tote bag then a true "purse" hence the casual style and seemingly lower price. After that comparison I definitely took it off my list. His description was dead on in my opinion. Not knocking the bag or anyone that likes it .. that's why the world is great - we all love different things.
As a tote/beach bag it would be fine NO WAY I'd spend over $600 to carry some towels, sunscreen and stuff to the beach/pool (and worry about it being taken).
Just my .02 worth.


Sep 21, 2005
I am undecided about this one. I like the style of the bag. The straps, however, is what I am 'iffy' about.

Me too! I like the lining, I like how you can pull the drawstrings together.. I just don't like how the straps are attached to the bag. I think I'm passing on this bag.. or at least, I'm not in a rush to go pick one up.. :smile:
May 31, 2006
Mine should hopefully be here Wednesday. I'm a little nervous as it's the first time I've bought a bag without seeing it in person, but I'm 7 hours away from a boutique where I live now so I didn't have much of an option. I like the style but I'm iffy about the handles. I guess I'll see how they look once it gets here. I can always send it back.


Mar 2, 2006
I can't say I HATE the bag but I do dislike it. I only like the interior, the bag itself reminds me too much of the BH. Which I would personally take instead, if they bag came out in something only besides mono (i know its coming in damier and azur soon) then I would give it a different opinion :smile:


Mar 3, 2007
Last week i saw the Neverfull at the LV store. I don't like it, because the straps are too fine and the bag is too "soft". And they have sold soooooo many of this bag, that i'm afraid to see it on "every corner" of the town. Sorry, but i think it will be an "everybodys bag" and the style would make me very quick to "have enough" of it. Unofortunately i don't speak very good English, but i hope, you understand what I mean. For me personally NO Neverfull, but if you like it, buy it!:smile: