neverfull-like burberry bag

  1. don't u think the shape is like the neverfull bag? similar price range too (595$)


    Picture 2.jpg
  2. Yes, it really looks like the neverfull.:wtf:
  3. I don't think it's all that similar....
  4. Not that similar...
  5. nah. not that similar.
  6. nei....
  7. i'd say it looks more like an Hermes Garden Party than an LV Neverfull. but all totes look similar - they're totes!!!
  8. Nope doesnt remind me of the Neverfull..reminds me more of a cabby-ish shape..
  9. have you seen a Goyard tote??
    that one is REALLY similar
  10. Doesen't look similar to me. It looks more solid. And I actually like this one a whole lot more. I'd never get a burberry though.
  11. coach had a more similar looking one but I can't find a picture of it...
  12. the neverfull personally reminds me of the Fendi 'Bag du Jour'
  13. as it can be expanded, but also can be folded
    down making it moreso versatile than the neverfull.
    Different technique, same principles.
  14. I agree. And, let's remember there are only so many basic silhouttes one can use for a bag design!