Neverfull is here ... but I'm not so sure...

  1. My Neverfull MM arrived today. I'm not feeling as great about it as I thought I would. The straps don't drop down as much as I'd like, even another inch would be nice as I feel like the bag is right up against the inside of my arm. I really like how it looks with the drawstrings up, but down in the more beach tote style I'm not really feeling it.

    I think I need to stare at it a little longer and decide whether to keep it, or send it back for an azur speedy 30.

    Anyone else not instantly satisfied with their neverfull?
  2. what about a BH? some members here say that the neverfull mm cinched looks like the BH.
  3. I agree with the comment about a BH. There's cinching but a little less beach-totey. I think if you don't adore a bag, don't keep it! It's too much money to just feel neutral about the bag and unsure. Look for something you love!
  4. I was thinking that too. I'm having ankle surgery on Friday and I'm going to be off my feet for a while. I'd like to get something I can wear over my shoulder with crutches. The BH might just be it. It's so hard not being at the store lol.
  5. What size neverfull did you get?

    I am currently debating between azur speedy and neverfull MM. They're super different, but I just can't decide! If you want a bag that's good with crutches, then I would stay away from the speedy.

    What about BH (as mentioned above) or Popincourt Haut?
  6. I agree with caley - if you like the look of the cinched you should check out the BH. So many members swear by this bag. I love the look of the Piano as well especially because of the zip top closure.

    As another poster mentioned - if you aren't in love with it return it. You spent too much on it not to enjoy it.
  7. I think you should send it back and get a BH.
  8. ooh azur speedy! if you're not loving it, I would return it and look at the speedy and the BH.

  9. I got the MM. I wore it around the house a little and stuff various things inside, it's starting to grow on me a bit now. The straps are very comfy and it doesn't slide off my shoulder at all. I used to have a popincourt but I hated it. I found the straps almost sharp and it wasn't comfortable to carry.
  10. Send it back and get an azur speedy...I love mine!!!
  11. I think I might keep it and get the speedy after my surgery and physical therapy are over. I won't be able to carry a speedy for at least 6 weeks while I'm on crutches. It'll be a nice present to myself for making it through my upcoming ordeal.
  12. Good luck with your surgery and your recovery!!
  13. I was having second thought about mine too. I got the MM size and wished I got the bigger one. I only had it for 2 days and love it. Once I put my things in it and used it it was LOVE..... I feel like it is a very comfortable bag. I like the tote look. I don't think it looks like a beach bag. I think the side things give it a bit of a modern edge. I don't like it clinched in. I personally don't like hand held bags so my dear Speedy 30 gets no wear. I am very happy with my bag and have had quite a few compliments on it just out running errands......It feels very light which is great. I kept looking at Chanel leather totes for the past few months but they felt so heavy to me. I still have my eye on the Chanel denim cabas bag which is big but light. So I guess my tastes have changed and I am back to big bags again.
    I think the bag does grow on you once you wear it.
  14. I have the BH and love it.

    I didn't like the look of the Neverfull. It did seem like a beach bag to me.
  15. BH is beautiful! Good luck w/ yer choice :heart:.