Neverfull in other prints

  1. when are they due out? I read it on here somewhere but can't find it!
  2. Later in the year not sure when but I'd guess around fall september onwards
  3. I heard it was around september for the damier.
  4. Damier Neverfulls and Trunk Pochette-Novemeber 07

    Azur Neverfulls and Trunk Pochette- January 08
  5. ugh that is forever!
  6. ^^lol
  7. will there be a neverfull keepall ??...I would Looooove one
  8. im really curious what the azur neverfull would look like. should i wait for the azur neverfull or get the azur speedy now? help! :sos::shrugs:
  9. Get the speedy now. But then again, I can't wait for anything, EVER!

  10. Why can't LV just release the above NOW!! They know we would buy it in a heartbeat!! :yes:
  11. I totally agree.. :sweatdrop:
  12. Do we know if they're going to be using that gorgeous new lining in other bags?
  13. To keep people interested in the Neverfull line over the long run :yes: Plus there'll probably be a price increase between now and then.
  14. Neverfull Keepall? What would that look like?
  15. oh cool they have are having damier pochettes with the trunks logo too? =] i can't decide between damier or azur.. i like the freshness of azur but love the gandles on teh damier