Neverfull in October Oprah Mag !!!

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  1. Just got the new Oprah delivered today, on the cover it says: Is your Handbag Killing You? We tested 786 bags to find 36 beauties your back will love

    Neverfull is listed as one of those "good" bags! I'm not crazy about the pic of it tho! The sides are cinched up tight and look uneven :wtf:! So, :tup: to all the Neverfull owners!!!
    P.S. There is also a metallic Burberry quilted hobo that just might have to be mine.....
  2. that's funny! Out of curiosity, what were some of the "bad" bags??
  3. Sounds interesting!
  4. i would like to hear too wat bags didn't pass the test
  5. Great, now the whole world will own the never full. If Oprah says its good , people will follow.
  6. You can expect the increase in price on the neverfull if it keeps selling SO well!
  7. i was in burberry today, i saw what you were talking about. pretty. but i was drooling over the new patent leathers in there.
  8. Oh cool.
  9. I need to get this months magazine sounds interesting.
  10. woohoo I got my neverfull today! glad I got it before the price went up...
  11. That's cool!
  12. Someone needs to scan the article!
  13. also wondering here, lol
  14. I'd be curious to see the entire article. It's no surprise to me that the Neverfull was one of the good ones. It's extremely light weight.
  15. OK, that's it, I'm getting one. Hope ELux gets the MMs in soon....