Neverfull in Damier??!! LV SA's say ?????

  1. Oops..forgot to mention in previous post that when I exchanged Neverfull, I told them I heard thru tPF that the Neverfull's were coming out in Damier. The SA pulled out her binder of new releases for the year and there was nothing about it for any month this year! Thought it was November....??? She also said she hadn't heard that it was coming out in Damier!
    Oh no! I was planning on getting it when it came out hoping to not have the same marking probs! I know lots of you here were waiting too!
  2. Weird..
    Maybe it's coming out next year??? :confused1:
    I think someone saw something or heard something about that the Damier was coming out later this year along with the Damier T&B Pochette.
  3. I was looking at the book with my SA and I believe there is the Damier neverfull coming out with red interior with black strip was due for realease in November...
  4. crap! I was waiting to buy a neverfull in Azur. If its not coming out, I might just by the mono before price increase.
  5. When i went to NM this past weekend the SA in there said November for the Damier. Hmmm wonder if it will happen?
  6. <-----would love to see that in azur !
  7. I actually saw the book and saw that it did say Nov. It had a photo of it also. There was also photos of it in Azur and it said Feb for the Azur. Who knows things might have changes but I doubt it.
  8. when i called my LV boutique they said it will be released sometime in november but they dont know the exact date.
  9. My LV SA in Pittsburgh said November for the Damier neverfull and Feb for the Azur neverfull.
  10. ^ I got the same information from the leather goods manager in New Orleans.
  11. Thank goodness! Relieved to hear that you guys have seen and heard November! Maybe my LV skipped a page!!!! Can't wait for Damier NF!:yes:
  12. yep I've seen it in the book too.
  13. wow! lot's of time for me to save for an azur!
  14. Do you know the launch date for the new T&B accessories ? I heard about a belt, an agenda cover, a SLG Complice in 2 sizes ... Is it true ? Have you got pics of them ? Thanks for your help !
  15. so the damier should b out on November and the azur on Feb right?

    then i'll get mono neverfull for now. i also want azur :sweatdrop:
    but its coming on late! i want both but i dont want to buy the same style of bags. :confused1: