Neverfull in Azur

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  1. Hmmm...I don't really like the Neverfull in Mono...but maybe Damier! Although...I like the Hampstead too!
  2. I asked both 866 and my SA yesterday and they both said at this point there is no plan for Azur. As always this can change, but my SA sounded quite certain which totally makes me sad because I think an Azur Neverfull would be really amazing. As for the randomness of the release dates, my store was able to sell them last week so I asked why not all stores were and my SA described it like a movie release that starts first in limited cities to test the market and then they expand based on that. He said that it helps them determine if they have enough product, the initial response in their stronger markets, etc. So I guess it is all a marketing ploy!
  3. I like the shape/versatility of the neverfull, but not in monogram. I'd love it in damier azur however.
  4. My SA also gave me a launch date of January 2008 for the Azur Neverfull...
  5. ^^^^^^^ 2008! i can't wait that long, i may just have to get the mono :sad:
  6. I would love one in damier for school maybe but the gm seems to small for that. Azur would also be very yummy
  7. awesome!!! i dont like the nerverfull in mono..but if it comes out in azur..i would get it!
  8. any reliable sources that the neverfull will be available in damier ebony brown colour?
  9. i'd get the neverfull in Azur. if it would be released in 2008, i can't wait! ;)
  10. 2008 is pretty far away - I'm not a good waiter.
  11. i want the damier ebony brown neverfull, any one knows if this will happen?
  12. I went in today, damier ebene is being released soon but not sure in azur, the hampstead is beinf released in azur xx
  13. why do they take so long to launch the neverfull azur?