Neverfull in Azur

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  1. Anyone know if the neverfull comes in Azur?
  2. My SA confirmed Damier in November but was unsure of the Azur. Others are reporting a yes to the Azur.
  3. Oh damier would be HOT!!!!
  4. I really loved it in real life (had fun playing with the cinching things on the sides) and the only reasons I didn't buy it were 1) Have the BH and it looked similar and Hubby bought it for me, and 2) Hubby was with me. SA mentioned that the Damier straps should be thicker and sturdier as is the case with Damier Bags. I ended up waitlisting for it and that's the reason I haven't bought a Saleya yet.
  5. Can't find neverfull on lv site or elux??
  6. I think it was released earlier than the actual release date. It is on the Japanese website with a release date as May 25th (has been there a couple of weeks). It was actually in some stores on May 18th.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. Good to know its a possibility.

  8. I just called my store (Century City) and they said that they have the Neverfull but can't sell it until June 1. Frustating!!! Although, I saw it last weekend at South Coast Plaza and I think it was available right away because the SA kept saying "Buy it!". But, I am loyal, so I have to buy it from my regular SA!
  9. ^^^Oh, that sux! What's up with all the randomness? When I went to the Hawaii store the day after release they still had them in stock in all sizes along with the new mini pochette but SA said they're selling really well. She said they sold 15 of the mini pochettes to one Japanese tourist which I thought was weird because I heard there was a 2 bag limit. I am sure they're all gone from Hawaii by now.
  10. when it comes out in azur I will buy one for sure.
  11. I am considering getting this instead of the Saleya as well. I'm just not too sure if I would like it in Damier as it would look like the Hampstead which I am not a fan of :Push: I really like it in mono though! And Azur would be great too! :drool:
  12. ^^^I think the thinner straps will make it look less "heavy" than the Hampstead. Also, the shape isn't as "bottom heavy" as the Hampstead. If anything it would look like a SO BH. When the straps on the side aren't cinched it as more of the shape of the Saleya.
  13. If/when it comes out in Azur, I'm so picking it up! :love:
  14. I asked my SA in Wakiki. He said Azur is scheduled to be release in January 2008.
  15. Since I already have a BH I really want the Neverfull in Azur. It will be my first Azur piece.