Neverfull help

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  1. So I have fallen in love with the Neverfull. Im thinking of getting the PM, as a smaller tote that I can use for shopping/ running errands/night.

    Essentially I would like for it to hold:
    -agenda book
    -makeup case
    -umbrella (depending on the weather)
    -small water bottle
    -book/magazine maybe

    My ?s are:
    Would the PM be able to hold all of that?
    Would the PM look silly based on my height?

    Any input, pics even would be greatly appreciated!! Thankssss:smile:
  2. i'm going to sell my mono NF PM bcos i find its quite small for me. :smile:
  3. My suggestion is to go for MM. I love my mono NF MM!! I have a preference for smaller bags with my NF being the largest. You could cinched the sides to make it smaller when you need less space. However, you got more room when you need it, too. This bag is remarkable bc it's truly never-full.
  4. def go for the mm...i originally purchased the pm...loved it...but sold it shortly thereafter to buy the mm....much better size IMO:heart:
  5. I would definitely go with the MM. I have a MM Damier and a GM Mono and I am selling the GM because it's too big, the PM seems WAY too small to be comfortable.
  6. I think the MM would be a better fit for all you need to carry.
  7. IMO, i say go for the MM. its more everyday and the PM is just way too small. it will probably fit all ur stuff, but the MM is more roomy. i have the GM and i LOVEEE it!
  8. I have the GM and I love it. It's the perfect size!!!
  9. I have the MM and it would fit what you would like to carry. Go for the MM.
  10. I have the MM and its perfect, fits everything! You wont regret it if you get the MM, as for the PM, i think its a too small personally.
  11. MM for sure!
  12. The PM is not very big. I would recommend the Neverfull MM size - you can always pull in the drawstrings to make the MM look smaller. It's a great size!!
  13. ita:tup:
  14. I have the mono in MM in it fits a lot! I love it but if I will get the damier I will get the PM. It's just so darn cute!

    I know big bags are in right now and I love them but for me the MM is allready big enough and I'm very tall. It's more like a bag where the PM will be more like a purse to me.

    From what I can tell I think all those items should definately fit in the PM!
  15. Oh! I forgot about the drawstrings!!!

    I really appreciate everyones input! LV Bags Lover, Bag-terfly, cathi, vhsethan, 19flowers, itzSUSIE, luxery baby, MatAllston, ws32tl05, xrayyou, peace43, meneednewpurse, pinkgoldfish, THANK YOU ALL:smile:

    I wont be purchasing the bag until May when Im in Italy, but I wanted to get an idea so I know how much to save up. I wishschool didnt take over my life, or else I would go to the LV store and try it on. sigh.