Neverfull hands SOLD OUT already!!!! True?????

  1. Is it true... Murakami Neverfull hands SOLD OUT in every size ??????

    I m going on 3rd november... this saturday ,,,
    It just make me sad if i am there and SOLD OUT...

    Anyone know????
  2. No...the only thing I know of that is sold out is the agenda (MC).
  3. may i know how much is the neverfull with hands ??
    and is the inside different from the original neverfull?? thanks

  4. Pink lining inside... cutie!!
    also tag come with...

    gm $960
    mm $915
    pm &870

    tax 8,25%
    7rba.jpg rw6vkw.jpg
  5. the store will be there until february, they will receive shipment every week so there is no rush

  6. ^^^^

    Is this TRUE ?????

    Hmmm....maybe i can find an excuse to visit LA....:graucho:
  7. I am so glad they did not sell out yet.
  8. not sold out as of yesterday. the only items sold out where the white & black mc agendas that retail for $700.
  9. As of Nov. 3, the LV/MOCA boutique did not have the Neverfull GM nor the agendas in multicolor in stock. You can only buy one large item and one small item - the SAs will look you up in the LV customer system, so they are keeping track! And, if for some reason you have to return the item, you can only return it to the LV/MOCA boutique - it's on the receipt and they make you initial it that you understand the return policy.